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Sunday, October 22, 2017


                        I'll be slow Sunday stitching on my "Pomegranates in The Rain" today.....

do drop in at Kathys and see what we are all slowly stitching on today.....;))) (sigh...aaahhhh).
Now that my two "I Spy" quilts are finished, 
I can concentrate on my hand stitching....

the muted tones of this leaf-ey batik along with the quilt stitching looks like a rainy day to me...I really love the effect....very soft and impressionistic....and, so Pomegranates have
morphed into "Pomegranates in The Rain".....

while I stitch, I am deciding, pondering whether or not  I should add more quilting around those Poms....and just cannot decide....the plain, lavender fabric does give the eye a resting spot though....but, lots of time to make that decision....
This piece and my (knitted) HAPpy shawl will be my main focus as long term projects..
slowly, slowly....restfully, woolgathering......................

I have finished a LOT of projects and quilts this past year and one-half....I am a bit 
weary and need a respite ....

I just don't know what to start---so I won't for right now,
 but rather.....
I plan to slowly re-organize my space and my stash(es) of: 

fabric, thread, scrapping papers, ephemera, wools, patterns, beads, crafting books
and.... bits and bobs that I most likely have even forgotten I have on hand....

And to re-think my direction --

hugs on this beautiful Saturday,
Julierose, La Blageuse (a bit muddled-euse)


  1. I love the title of the quilt and it is lovely! Have a wonderful day!

  2. Your hand quilting is beautiful! Enjoy your stitching time today!

  3. I was thinking about your pom quilt last night. Glad to see it make an appearance on slow stitching Sunday.

  4. You're right to step back, sometimes it's good to give yourself some breathing space. I love love love your hand stitching and the soft colours and pattern are very much in the impressionist vein!

  5. I admire those who can hand quilt, I do not have the patience, LOL!! Visiting from Slow Sunday Stitching.

  6. So nice to see the pomegranates again! The quilting texture is lovely! If the quilt is laying flat with the alternate blocks being so heavily quilted, I would leave the flower blocks as they are. If they are puffing up a bit, you could add some stitching, but I do like how they are right now!

  7. Isn't it wonderful how our quilts talk to us. Love your poms and the hand stitching with the contrasting thread really gives them a wonderful setting.

  8. You know I just moved 2 times within 8 months... the agony of throwing some of my "bits and bobs" is right at the fore of my heart. But I also realize that I don't suffer much for any one of the ones I threw away. That should give me courage to throw more - wouldn't you think? Good luck on your quest.

  9. That quilting really does have a lovely, hazy feel to it. Reorganising is a good way to take a break, I think, and maybe by the time you're done you will know where you want to go next.

  10. Beautiful hand quilting and work, Julie.
    Slow stitching is a good thing.

  11. love your pomegranates in the rain. so so soft and peaceful. I like the look of them now. add more quilting if you want but it looks fine as it is with the rain being more heavily done. take time to slow down and decide what you want to do or not do next. sometimes we need a rest.

  12. This IS impressionistic / reminds me of a photo that I took a few years back at a park where the autumn leaves were reflected in water ( the same feel / look to it )

    Beautiful stitching ! And you sound like me...I just kind of start my hand quilting and decide as I go what to do :)

  13. I like the fabric too. Hand quilting is relazing for me, and is a slow stitch.

  14. Your stitching is enhancing the beauty of the pomegranates. I just love it! I think reorganizing is something we should all do from time to time. Maybe I'll follow your lead!

  15. I love your poms in the rain and how you are working it.... just beautiful.... Lots of lovely projects - I had a look through some of yoiur previous posts.... gorgeous

  16. Love this piece and the slow stitching it is demanding of you. Easy to feel overwhelmed or a bit muddled'; some days are like that for me too. Usually the feeling lifts but a clean out of your space is an excellent filler. Cooking anything interesting these days?

  17. Wow! You sound like a crafter extradoinaire with all those supplies to organize. You mentioned you had recently done two I Spy quilts. You probably blogged about them, but I read so many posts I can't remember who does what. Would you mind showing me pictures of what you did? I have recently wanted to make something like this for my grand daughters. In fact, if you have any I Spy kinds of fabrics you want to trade, I am game. What are you looking for? Anything?


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