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Tuesday, October 17, 2017


                                                           Willa's "I Spy"

                            Here is the reverse "Fairy" Fabric wtih doggie borders...

                                 I just love this little fabric....roses AND fairies...

And here are a few close up shots of the items for search....


kitty on a chair, fireworks

pink looped ribbons and cherries..



                                       Red Polka Dots,

                                       Mr. Moon, pink roses and

                                           green leaves.....

                                Funny green striped tiger....funny faces, green flowers,

[Willa is only 4 so, her booklet will have the search items by color blocks...like "Find
Mr. Green striped tiger in the green squares" etc.  ]

Now to finish up Fiona's "I Spy", I have it all ready to bind.
Then labels, and D O N E for Christmas giving....;))))

These two quilts have been a year long project for me....enjoyed putting them together...
SQUARE BY SQUARE, by square, by square etc.........;000.

On the knitting front:

I had to frog (rip-it, rip-it) my slouchey hat!  There definitely was something wrong in the pattern and I am not that much in love with it to figure out what.

So, will be looking for another alternate project to my HAPpy Shawl on which I've just finished row 81 out of 270 rows of plain garter stitching...great for watching the baseball playoffs....;)))) in the evenings....mindless wool-gathering at its very best....i need to order the rest of the yarns for the lace borders.

Hugs to all, from "..and now what'll I do next with my fabrics??"
Julierose La Blageuse --"pondereuse"



  1. What a great "I Spy" quilt. I have at least 1 Layer Cake of I Spy that I could mix with same colored blocks like that. Someday. Thanks for the inspiration! mary in Az

  2. Can you spell Fun?! This quilt is just fabulous for a youngster to explore and enjoy the hunt!

  3. This is a really terrific "I spy" quilt. Love the way you categorized them by colors.

  4. Gorgeous! What fun she will have with it.

  5. Wonderful! The accompanying booklet is genius. And I Spy several fabrics from my stash in her quilt.

  6. That is really wonderful. It makes a great I Spy quilt.

  7. Your I spy quilt turned out very cute. Love the backing.


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