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Saturday, January 8, 2022


I have been knitting away on 
 long Winter socks; and 
I turned the heel 
this week
And I am working my way down
the foot now...

I have been reading
while resting...

I 💖 this
Homer Kelly
really good
and also
very funny


I got this for Christmas
by another one of my 
favorite authors:
I have yet to start this
collection of short

I am
doing one of these
per day
I am almost finished
with this volume and
have one more puzzle 
to solve...

My week has filled with doctor
s i g h 👀😕

First, I went to see my 
primary care physician on
who sent me to an orthopedic
where I had a series of 
back twisting and
ankle turning 

the upshot is
I am scheduled for 
an MRI this coming Thursday
the 13th 
glad it's 
not Fri 13th!!)

To see exactly what has
been going on for these
past pain filled 6 months!!!

Wish me luck👩💁😟
We had 6" of snow yesterday
and it was 14 degrees here
this morning...
Glad I am an 
"Indoor Snow Bunny"

I may be absent for a
while but I am reading
posts and commenting...

Sadly no 
sewing going on
as yet...

hugs, Julierose,
La Blageuse


  1. I hope you get some answers and much relief.

  2. looks like you are going to need those socks. I love P D James to. Take care and good luck with your "test"

  3. The long socks look fabulous. I so admire a knitter. I love P.D. James too. I haven't read one of her novels for a long time. I hope they can find out how to help you.

  4. I am so happy tp see your [post and the socks are beautiful. I have yet to figure out how to be sure I have enough sock yarn and always buy too much. Hats w pompoms are popular this year on Instagram, maybe more my speed [slow].
    I had doc appointments too. So scary. I hope you get help soon.

    We have the snow and cold, but Mo and I have been out. We met a nice young guy, part of the snow shovel troops in the neighborhood, he showed me pics of his black pug puppy!

  5. Your socks look so good! Best of luck with your next appointment.:)

  6. Your socks are so pretty and look very enjoyable to work on! Good books, too. Hoping you find someone who can figure out what's going on and can provide some relief.

  7. I hope the tests give the drs. some info to get you some relief. Meanwhile reading and knitting sounds like good winter fun. Cold here, only 2" or less snow on the ground.

  8. I hope you find out what is wrong soon. Those socks are very pretty. Those books look interesting. I like mysteries.

  9. Oh, I do hope the MRI shows something that is identifiable so you can get some relief. I do word search puzzles daily (crosswords frustrate me).

  10. Yours socks look great! I hope you feel better soon.
    We got about 6 inches of snow too. I've been working on Bonnie Hunter's Mystery Quilt. I'm getting tired of it but I'll keep going.

  11. Hope you can get relief girl. Those socks are pretty neat

  12. Your socks are beautiful and wishing you a speedy recovery soon! Good luck with the test! Keep on resting!

  13. Glad they are trying to figure out what is happening. Your knitting is looking great - I really need to try socks.... after the hexagons are done I think. Looks like some good reads as well.

  14. Looks like your Indoor Snow Bunny activities are quite entertaining! Hope the MRI brings some definitive answers.

  15. Loving your socks. Prayers for resolving your health issues.

  16. Keep up with the resting and reading, not forgetting the sock knitting of course! Good luck with the MRI Julierose, I hope this will reveal what the problem is.

  17. I the MRI shows just what's going on so you can get some relief, Julierose.
    Your socks look great--very snuggly.

  18. I really hope they figure out what's going on so that they can start to resolve things for you. Your socks look excellent - I love hand-knitted socks for a cold winter day.

  19. I love the colours you're using in those socks and seeing that has encouraged me to pick up my needles and make another pair once I'm finished the current project.
    I like crossword puzzles too (btw - have you seen the latest craze...Wordle?).
    Hope your MRI wasn't too traumatic.


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