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Sunday, February 23, 2014


Since I can no longer knit (my left thumb with arthritis won't allow it)--last evening I
watched videos from "Annie's Attic" and learned how to crochet.  (I think anyway!)

I have decided to make an afghan-- all in double crochet stitch (dc) to practice gauge and tension.  I have a couple skeins of hand painted blue yarn (worsted weight or so--can't recall really!!) and a few balls of that luscious Noro variegated yarn leftover from my knitting days.

And so..... I cast on 250 (!!) stitches while watching Poirot on Netflix as my DH was out playing his gig.      

      Here are a few shots of the colorways in my first ball of the Noro--taupes, ranging to dark 
peach and lighter tones.....

    I definitely like the feel of crochet...and am hoping that my wrist will cooperate.

     this amaryllis that I received for Christmas has finally decided to bloom giving the impression that perhaps, SPRING is a possibility in the not too distant future!!  

          But, sad to say, I think Mother Nature still has some cold, snowy days ahead for us here in coastal CT....
Hope you are having a wonderful Sunday
Hugs , Julierose, La Blageuse Crocheteuse    


  1. Wow...good for you! Self taught crocheting a M&D jumping right into an afghan! Impressed! I am still trying to figure out the knitting thing. Every time I pick up my practice skein I get different tensions....ugh.

  2. No, Julierose, the snow is over! Haha, I wish! I used to crochet years ago. Your afghan will be gorgeous! Beautiful colors!!

  3. your afghan is looking great. it is fun to see the color changes. ah, if Spring were only so close. today more snow and ice. grrrrr....... have a great day my friend

  4. pretty crochet - lovely colors.
    so where are you in CT? I'm in CT too, and it's been a bad winter, hasn't it?
    your amaryllis is gorgeous and what a nice pop of spring

  5. Great yarn colors and textures. You are doing a fabulous job. Here's to any early and mild spring!!


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