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Sunday, March 2, 2014


Here's what ' as I've been up to on these bitterly cold, windy, snow-filled days...
I am calling this  my "Star Flower" project. I am so into "naming things!! (hah)

I ran out of the Noro yarn for the afghan I had begun (see last posting)--so I took this Red Heart "Monet" yarn which I've had for eons (!) and began to make a granny afghan--
I have always loved this simple yet SO effective pattern.  A youtube video from "The Crochet Crowd"
made my learning curve a lot easier than any written directions....yay!!

Here are the other two colorways I chose besides that cream above :


 and below is the color that I used to border them all ....

It is a "bubblegum-pink-like" color--the same as what I used to put the final paths on my hexagon
quilt which hangs in my living room.  I hope to add this to my decor --if that is what I can call my eclectic mix in there!!.

I visited my Local Yarn Shop (LYS) last Thursday morning in hopes of joining a knit/crochet group that meets there to stitch and chat--but no one showed up--geeze lou-eeze--maybe because it was
FREEZING in there--my hands finally sent me flying home to my warm sofa.  Perhaps when temps moderate, it'll be warm enough so that my finicky-arthritis hands don't seize up!

that's all the news from here this week...hugs to you all...
Julierose, La Blageuse - Crocheteuse


  1. Beautiful colors! Love them! It looks like we're missing this storm today and tomorrow. How about you? So sick of the cold and the snow. Hope Spring shows up soon!

  2. I love the colors you are using :-)

  3. This is gorgeous- love the colors! You amaze me how you can just "pick something up" like this after watching a youtube video!

  4. loving your colors and your crocheting. we too missed this last storm. was amazing how we went from a newscast of 12-18 inches to no snow at all. I am sick of it as well. I worry more about the fact that inbetween polar vortex we had weather in 50s. trees start to bud out then BAM. cold.means no fruits for the year.


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