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Sunday, March 23, 2014


Here's my progress on the crochet  "Star Flower" afghan........................
I decided to border it with all the white squares and so...
had to go back to the yarn store and get more white and more mauve.........

When I first chose all the yarn colors I just thought I'd not like the off white at all;
it turns out that it is my favorite ....I really really like the contrast it provides.

I have three blocks more to go...then it's off to the internet to see how to sew
them together....I'd really like it to be flat and without a raised seam on the reverse....hmmmm....
I intend to border it with the multi color (center star flower"Monet") and that border will have to be another step to learn.  
So far, so good --no hand or wrist or shoulder problems while crocheting...
Have a great week and hope that the S N O W will miss us!
Hugs, Julierose, La Blageuse


  1. You need to stitch them together right on the edge with an over stitch they shouldn't have a visible seam then.They are all very pretty colours.xx

  2. very pretty colors and I like the border idea. you have been a busy gal.
    I hope the snow will miss us too. Geesh! I thought it was Spring!
    made an apple cake for meeting on Tues.......right when it is supposed to start. ugh

  3. I think it's pretty easy to sew together without a raised seam. I haven't crocheted in a long time! It's so pretty! Lovely colors!

  4. Lovely fresh bright colours in your squares, I love the centre surrounded by the off-white

  5. Wow! something I have not been able to do, crochet!


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