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Saturday, February 15, 2014


Took out my Travel Journal that I made in Mary Ann Moss' online class a few years ago.

For our birthdays DH and I will be taking a week trip--could it be that all this SNOW and ICE has prompted us to "get outta town"....???

Here are some shots of the inner pages made from papers and fabric:

this was page one of our Caribbean Cruise......what a dream vacation that was...our mantra was:
"The boat, the boat, the boat"--with my anti-sea sickness patch I fared well even tho' the trip was a little rough seawise....

blank pages waiting to be filled....

I used magazine papers and old music prints, too.............

and here is the last page with a handprint of my darling Fiona.....
the button is one of my Grand'mere's and the lace (you can just see it along the flap) is a piece of crochet she did....

We are so READY for a May getaway.....more on that later.

I'll end with my latest page of our dear friends and their baby doggies....(oh, and on the left my daughter --in blue--and her friend on a "girls' night out!)...

Huggies to you all, still scrappin' 
Julierose, La blageuse Scrapeuse


  1. what a beautiful journal!! I like all the textures and colors, esp.

  2. You make me think about keeping a journal, I really should, yours is great.
    Have a good trip!

  3. Your journal is wonderful! What a nice way to capture all these lovely memories. I envy you for leaving this snow drenched area! Lucky!!

  4. nice journal. can I get outta town with you? too much snow!


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