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Sunday, March 11, 2018


Add to that we are going to be hit by another Nor'easter Monday night into Tuesday--

tons of fun right?

Not any sewing or crafting going on here--still resting the arm/shoulder over use...

I have also disabled anonymous comments as I have been getting some unusual
comments--a bit disturbing.  :~{{

I am still following blogs, reading  "White Nights" in the Ann Cleeves Shetland
series, and watching YouTube a lot...
I didn't realize just how many hours per day I had been spending 
piecing and quilting......:*((---a whole LOT to fill up it seems...
(Too bad I cannot really do any cleaning either--boo-hoo--NOT)
In the meantime:
My neutral blocks are getting very restive on my design wall--I think they are 
moving around during the night into new configurations to see if i will notice 
At any rate, every time I look at them they inspire a bit of a guilty feeling....

I will sign off for a while as even typing is uncomfortable...
hugs, Julierose La Blageuse ( pacing-euse)


  1. Best you continue the rest and recuperation, and even dream over some garden catalogs (like spring is coming, right?!) and other fun reads for a few more days. Doing a bit of that myself, and it does get monotonous at times, doesn't it?

  2. Hope you are feeling better soon. I also disabled anonymous comments for the same reason!

  3. Look after yourself! Both physically, and with avoiding disturbing comments. Hope your arm is feeling better soon.

  4. Rest the arm as long as you need to. You don't want a relapse for using it too soon. I don't allow anonymous comments either, plus I moderate comments as well. Those weird commentors want you to click on their blog to zap a virus on you.
    XX, Carol

  5. Feel better! You are getting the worse of the Nor-easter I think. My part of Pennsylvania is just expecing 1-3 inches. Stay safe and warm!

  6. Yes I agree. Rest is best. Its coming into springtime here and hopefully your weather aloiws you rest in the sunshine and Vitamjn D.

  7. I love that poster. Sorry to hear you are still hurting. Please rest and enjoy "you tube". So sad about the housework. Enjoy your day anyway! mary in Az

  8. Does that mean no knitting either? I hope you are a reader, because I would be going NUTS!!!

  9. I'm sure all that cleaning will wait patiently while you rest--lol! Take care and I hope the arm heals quickly!

  10. Oh shoot! I hope you feel better soon and stay warm.

  11. oh no.... thank goodness for Netflix. Rest yourself. You'll soon be sewing lots of seams again, for now, replenish yourself. I'm with you.

  12. Please try the Blue Emu oil. It works! It isn't oily, it isn't stinky either. I use it for my back, and for sciatica pain, nerve pain from diabetes, too. You shouldn't be deprived from your bliss by a pain in the _____!

  13. hope you weathered the storm yesterday.


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