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Friday, March 23, 2018


                         Here are the first 12 blocks sewn in groups of four to make 
                              a row of three across =ling @ 48"

                         {Difficult getting a picture across, as my room is so small,
 so--I went into the corner of the closet to try to snap this one ROTFLOL}

"Julierose, go to your closet!!" LOL

Anyway..I like the flavor of outdoorsey camping these fabrics show:
rocks, skies, trees, streams, campers, music --and--
there will be the  guitars for the back--

I am limiting myself to making 3/day so that I don't HURT MYSELF AGAIN!! aAARRRGGGHHH..

Hubster Honey (HH) and I were just wondering last night
 if a day would go by when one or both of us would not get hurt!!
Ahhh the joys of aging...but as Mom used to say :

  "Don't complain--you're looking DOWN at the grass, not UP!!" 👴👵

So, I am happy that this Friday I can sew...

Hugs for a healthy, happy weekend...
Julierose, La blageuse (joy-euse)


  1. Lovely blocks. Glad you are back to sewing.

  2. That's a good saying. Just don't rush yourself

  3. Your squares are so unique and pretty - they look 3-D to me. Nice. Hope you are okay.

  4. wow these blocks are amazing ,what an awesome job you have done xx

  5. I really like how these blocks look together!

  6. Isn't it amazing how wonderful these neutrals look together? Love your mom's saying. Stay safe.

  7. slow and steady wins the race. love how this is coming along

  8. Glad you are getting some fabric therapy! Love your mom's saying about aging!

  9. Oh la la...il va être magnifique ton quilt !! Tes blocs sont superbes avec ces couleurs ! Bravo JulieRose !!

  10. Love these colors together. Your fabrics are sooooo pretty, they make the string blocks shine.

  11. girl I hear you. I think the same thing. Something happened yesterday now my knee is out again. I love what you're making. The color and texture is rich and neutral both. Here's to finding a solution to our pain!!! LeeAnna

  12. Beautiful blocks and what a great saying....your mom was a very wise woman.

  13. Your Mom had a sense of humour.

    Look after yourself - even if you only do 1 per day the quilt will be together eventually. I love the colour scheme. The assembled blocks are great!


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