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Friday, October 22, 2021


I have been doing a little
Hexagon work
while resting....

I used this (relatively new--at
least to me)
Iron On-Stay-In hexagons
instead of freezer paper
which is my usual method.
(click to enlarge)

I must say that I do not like
the results;
the rosette feels
really thick and 
doesn't have that 
lovely loose, cloth
feeling that you get
after removing the 
freezer papers.

Can you see from this image
what I mean??

Have any of you EPP-ers
used these?
And what do you think of them?

I haven't done any other sewing;
still battling the aching ankle
area --but I think that the
sciatica has improved 
quite a bit with this
"Rest and Heat"
[And walking with the aid
of a cane for support]

TGIF everyone;)))
We are watching Formula
One racing Grand Prix which
is taking place this time in
Austin Texas...

Today was Practice;
tomorrow will be qualifying
[for starting position in the race];
and Sunday will be the race itself...

Tonight for supper is my homemade
Chicken soup from the boiled
down carcass (yesterday); 
and Tom is making a tossed salad....

I have been sitting on our counter stool
for chopping veggies and then
near the stove to cook...
[S I G H]

I am trying to DO MORE
and move around as much as
I can without setting myself back...
It is quite a balancing act!!💃😍

hugs, Julierose,
La Blageuse
{sewing-euse a little bit-euse}


  1. praying for a fast recovery, hugs sweetie

  2. Sometimes recovery seems to take ages! Dont tackle too much at once, little and often works for me.

  3. So glad you're somewhat better! Dinner sounds very good.

    I do not do EPP so all I can say about your rosettes is they look beautiful. I think you can buy the freezer paper ones precut, if that was what you're avoiding, all that cutting of the papers?

  4. I've never done EPP of any sort, but I would think this backing might be useful if you were making a table mat for instance or a wall hanging. But I wonder about quilting it, seems like it would be nearly impossible to hand quilt. Your fabrics are lovely as always.

  5. Do the iron-ons stay on permanently? If so, I would agree with you then, not liking the stiffness. I've only made one hexie quilt and I just used papers and glue basted. It took forever but it's one of my favorite quilts now!

  6. I've never used iron on hexagon paper. I got pre-cut paper but I would pull out the papers. I hope you feel better soon. Take it easy and rest!

  7. Your EPP rosette ~looks~ great! I always leave my EPP papers in until I have the rosettes (or whatever shape) assembled in a top. Pre-cut iron-on shapes sound amazing; I used pre-cut card stock shapes and a glue stick when I made my Flamboyant Flamingos.

  8. mmmm soup and salad dinners are wonderful.
    I too cooked from a stool when I had trouble with my leg. hope you improve.
    I can see that your flower is a little stiff, but always good to try new things.

  9. I am not a fan of products that stay in the quilt. But I have never done EPP, EOTHER.

  10. When you showed the iron on papers for EPP, I thought, "What a good idea!" I'm sorry to hear you don't like them. Hope you continue to feel a little better as a time goes by. I bet my son is watching that Formula 1 race this weekend, too!

  11. Pretty hexies. Shame about those stay in papers though - they sound like a great idea but as so often happens with 'good idea's not So good in the end. My personal preference is for basting over papers. xx

  12. I've never heard of the iron on papers at all but I can see why they would be a problem! I know removing the papers can be an onerous task sometimes but, as you rightly say the softness of the rosettes when this has been done is lovely. Continue to rest up.

  13. I've never used those iron on papers for hexxies and I'm assuming they aren't removed. Not sure I'd like that because I think they would make the fabric stiffer.
    Hope you keep improving but you have to be sure not to overdo it!

  14. I will be making EPP hexies for our Island Batik December challenge. I am new to EPP and it will be an interesting experience :-) Using water-soluble stabilizer as a base for hexies - now that is a great idea. But then if I have never done EPP I am so full of "ideas". Sending you get-well hugs.

  15. Never made a hexie much less used that product. I love hexies but don't think I have the skillset to make them LOL.
    Happy to hear you are managing to move around a bit. Hope healing continues!!


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