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Sunday, October 24, 2021



I finally found my
(a Jan Patek pattern)
hiding at the bottom of my 
quilt-stashing old dresser drawer.

I had been searching for him 
and thinking 
"Did I give him away?"
[But I thought not..]

My blog friend Lizzy 
at "Gone2thebeach" 
and I both make them last year...
Take a peek at hers--sooo
cute...I love her orange fabric
looks perfect for the spirit of
It is such fun to see how 
patterns are interpreted
Don't you think?
Hugs, Julierose
La blageuse


  1. Happy that Jack is found! I'm about to switch from our October pumpkins and ghosts to Novembers pumpkins (different ones) and owls (not just yet, but a week from now). The oranges are so pretty against the graying greens outdoors.

  2. Have done the same thing myself, glad you were able to find it. I’ve been catching up on your blog and it seems like you have or still having a time with your back and leg. Seems like a lot of us suffer from something similar. You didn’t mention anything about it so I’m hoping that means your making some improvements. Have a restful day. Kat

  3. I'm glad you found Jack in time for the season. I have put things away like that too and sometimes it is just a surprise when I finally find where I put it.

  4. Your Jack is very cute. Lizzy's is very cool too, but then her whole blog and all the pictures are so inspiring.

    1. Thank you! Love it that you enjoy my blog. I had fun making Jacks with Julie last year. You're always welcome to leave me a note if you visit.


  5. Glad to see that Jack came out of hiding just in time for Halloween display.

  6. So fun to see your and Lizzy's Starry Jacks. It's obvious that you both had a lot of fun with them!

  7. So glad you and Jack are reunited. Hope Thom isn't jealous lol that jack is a handsome fella

  8. Jack is just the cutest! Glad you found him :)

  9. Perfect time for Jack to show up! Perfect decoration!

  10. I'm glad you found him in time for the holiday.

  11. Hi Julierose, I do believe I remember your starry eyed Jack! He is unique and so cute. I hate when I lose things in the sewing room, which yes, I do. Meanwhile, I've never used those hexagon papers; I always use freezer paper if I'm using paper. It does look kind of stiff which is a shame.

  12. glad you found him! love his starry eyes


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