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Tuesday, October 26, 2021



We have had over 2" of rain
so far...and high winds....
{this is the view outside our
dining room window}

this maple is always the
first to change color in our
backyard...it really is
altho' this pix doesn't capture it 
very well....

{As you can see, Tom cleared off
the deck for the season...
Fare-thee-well, Summertime}
On this very stormy day I have
set myself up right on our
dining room table for 
some handwork...
(easier on my back )

the blue basket on the right
is my Mom's old workbasket
that she beautifully lined 
(click to see larger)


Here is the wool piece
I began quite a while ago 
that I unearthed 
(it is a Buttermilk Basin pattern)

Now I have pretty much tacked 
every piece down 
so I don't have to deal
with any pins...

I think it looks very 
and must decide what (if anything) 
I should put in those 

I plan to embroider it now--
kind of like I would treat a
crazy quilt block...
I found that a lot of the 
point-ey pieces were
unraveling a bit...
like those corn leaves--
so I may have to use a 
little bit of glue stick !!

I am a newbie to wool applique
so this is pretty challenging...
I am calling it 
"House on the Hill"
to represent our home...;)))

I hope all of you in this storm's path are staying safe and warm...
Hugs, from under my bumbershoot (haha)
La Blageuse 


  1. Your Nor-easterner as our weatherman man says We got barley a sprinkle

  2. That is cute as can be, Julierose! I love all the fun seasonal details. Perfect to work on when you're having a stormy day!

  3. I havent tried wool applique yet but have a pattern here waiting for me to start. One day, hopefully.

  4. Stay safe, Julierose. I hope the weather isn't too terrible where you are and that you can get more stitches in that lovely wool piece. I purchased some small candle mats/table toppers a few years to give wool applique' a try. I also took a virtual class on it back in March. I really should get it out and try it again.

  5. Very fun project, perfect for Fall. I love your red maplle and your deck is so pretty. Mo [pug] and I try to use our deck til December, the southern exposure can stay warm. But I did stack all the chairs last night. Table is still up though, lets hope for warm sunny days ahead.



    PS if you have Fray Check a TINy dab on the reverse of points can help w the fraying. Try it on one first tho, it can stain and also becomes hard, you may not like that.

  6. Love the wool applique pattern. I keep wanting to try one too.

  7. What a lovely project. I haven't done wool applique before so I admire anyone who does it. Have fun. . .

  8. We are getting pelted with rain
    Trees down all over. A real ness.

  9. Not sure where your Nor'easter came from a couple of days ago we were hit with cold weather, high winds and lots of rain. We got about 3 inches in about 24 hours. Oh I love doing wool applique on lazy days.

  10. Love your wool applique block - very Fall Festive! I don't have any advice on the stitching - just jump in and enjoy it!

  11. We had so much rain and awful winds. So glad that's over! Hope you made it through okay! For once, the weather people were correct!

  12. I've never tried wool applique and am afraid to because I suspect I might like it and then that would breed the need for a whole 'nother stash that I don't have room for!

  13. Now, your woollen block looks super, how brave you are to be working on the applique with that, braver than !.
    We have been have had lots of rain for two days here in Auckland, walking on the lawn gives a horrid squelching sound, we had a couple of beautiful Spring days just before the wet weather. Hope you're having less pain now.

  14. I love the photo of rain on your screen! It's a great close-up.
    Your house block is charming. I've not appliqued wool before. I hope you have good success with it.


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