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Friday, October 14, 2011

Big Stitch--Sore Hands--Any Hints???

Short post today...am attempting to "Big Stitch" my Wonky C's quilt by hand using DMC Perle 5 cotton in a lovely pale aqua color: 

Using straight lines, except when I meet those dancin' crows I  am outlining them...

The only problem I find is:   it is really hard to pull this thread through all the layers --especially the knots--any suggestions out there???  I had a nice comment from  Mary .  I love to hear from anyone out there in our quilting world.  Thank you....

On a non-quilting note:  my Mom, has finished her Rehab after hip surgery in only 2 weeks!!  At 92--Phew--she is a really determined trooper.  Also, had houseguests, all musicians that both my husband and I knew and he worked with when we were dating--in the "Ice Age"--hahha....great fun, super talk...so now back to my projects....

Bonjour, Julierose, La Blageuse

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  1. perle 5 would be difficult to pull through all those layers, but try using a large chenille needle, size 22 or 20, the large eye of the needle will help make a channel for the thread to pass through. perle 8 cotton is a better choice.


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