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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Slow Sunday--Ahhhhh.....

I spent yesterday sorting, re-containering (word??) my fabric and half-made, test pieces...and I came upon my stash of 70's hand dyed fabrics and sun prints that I did for about 1 year and then packed away...life intruded, as ever, and I had really forgotten about them..

Decided to use them in hand sewn, slow works..here is the start of one that will be a gift for a cherished friend of many years: (all fabrics but the little sliver of blue/white lined piece are my own hand dyed)(Thank you Jude for your marvelous site--you have inspired me to follow my forgotten path...)

Journal Entry Thoughts: 
I am thinking about the two sides of my life:  my own personal duality:  The outward-facing woman, tightly held together--able to cope.  Then the inner "girl-child-woman" who is hole-y as in Swiss Cheese inside; (Where is the poem I once wrote about that??)  My cloth that I am now working on....should reflect that two-sided reality of my being......perfection/imperfection.  Neatly pieced copied pattern vs. frayed, torn, shredded, fiery inner soul.....

Here is one of the fragments of a "just testing" Flying Geese" that coincidentally (amazingly!!) is just the same length as my working cloth above:

All for now...back to practicing my piano...hands not too sore today.....Julierose, La Blageuse....

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