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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Rainy Day thoughts: And so, I ask myself "Why"? Do you?

No Pix/ just thoughts that have been whirling in my brain....

After finishing the quilting on my "Wonky Crows, Cats & Crosses", I cannot even hold a glass without dropping it! (Never mind practicing my piano)... Talk about sore hands; and so...inevitably I  have asked myself why am I making these thick, big, difficult to handle quilt tops....and for whom? 

I love the process:  choosing the fabrics, actually sewing the blocks, and watching the whole come together... even basting...but my arthritic  hands are telling me to find an alternative...and so, "What" now comes into play...and so..after all, life is change...

I have enrolled in an online class to learn a different way to use up my fabrics and put them together for an easier-to-manage outcome.  I will post when I have some  finished products...and for the next few days: rest, read. cook, walk and think some more...

Julierose, La Blageuse

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  1. I used to hand quilt all my quilts. It would take me forever and not sure anyone even knew the work I put into them. I have started machine quilting. I am not the best but I can meander pretty well. The quilt tops become quilts much faster. It looks different but I still like it. I am still learning and probably will be for awhile. I just use my regular sewing machine. Give it a try! You just might like it!


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