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Thursday, March 8, 2012


I am attempting to put these diamonds together---

They are pinned (those little yellow dots) to my design wall--I need to add at least one more and then a gazillion more hexies and half-hexies....

The Red Sox are on tv now, and being a huge (or as Jerry Remy would say "uuge") fan, I can see a lot of this work going on in the Spring and Summer evenings to come.....

I do like that "bubblegum pink" outlining color--these diamonds are about 15 years old--fabric tastes do change, but I just cannot stand to have them calling me from the close every time I walk by to: "finish us, finish us up"...and so...mes amies....

On we go--and I guess it is true that "Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend".....

Enjoy this lovely weather,
Julierose, La Blageuse....


  1. Just visiting from Karen-Log Cabin Quilter.... spotted those hexies on her blog list. This is my MOST FAVORITE design using them. And I love the bubblegum pinks!

    1. Thank you--will hop on over to your blog...Julierose

  2. So pretty! I'm glad you're finishing this one! It's warm here too! So nice!!

  3. I feel your pain sister! I put them upside down on my dining room table to sew together. The larger the quilt gets, the more difficult it seems to be to add diamonds so I have been doing a section at a time. Love the pink and brown combo.

  4. I am making one inch hexagons now (paper-pieced) and I, too, like this diamond layout a lot! Much more than the Grandmother's Garden. The pink works!

  5. It is surprising how many hexagons it takes of this small size to make a quilt.

  6. Your hexagon quilt is great. I love the pink around the diamonds.

  7. Hi Julie Rose - thanks for visiting me on daintytime. I just wanted to say to your comment about the Mod-Mood Quilt-along:

    Of course! Jump in anytime. Keep me posted on how it goes. You can post your progress pictures on the mod-mood quilt flickr group. Can’t wait to see what you do!



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