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Friday, March 16, 2012

Friday Pin-up/& Rant--Aaaargh

In the midst of pinning my spiderweb for quilting;

I haven't decided whether to hand or machine quilt (in the ditch)--AS

 ( ACK!! DANGER, DANGER:  RANT AHEAD:)     Drove to my LQS this morning to buy a foot for quilting after having read online that they opened at 9 am,BUT:  found, when I got there, that they've changed it to 10 am!! And just posted it on the building and not changed it anywhere else..... It was only 9:25....just a weensie bit annoyed as you can imagine--and it's not just next door to me either.  Soooooo....this is WHY I get most, if not all, of my quilting supplies ONLINE  (where do you guys get most of your stuff???)--
-AND this has happened before at the same place.  Finis pour moi.....


Look what decided to bloom for me ...isn't it lovely?  And it's loaded with buds....I {heart} Christmas Cacti.  Every year I buy another to add to the "big pot" and, I think that this year I'll have to get a bigger pot.....Our local Ocean State Job Lot just got in a ga-zillion, so tomorrow I may run out and get one.....(Notice how I am changing the subject above???  ). I have been absent here as have been going to rehab with Mom for her hip...she is doing better now....

Have a fun weekend all--enjoy this Springlike weather....Julierose, La Blageuse


  1. Did you ever end up getting your foot? I always buy any gadget for my sewing machine at the store I bought it. I'm afraid to buy it from anyone else. These sewing machines all seem fussy to me. My Christmas cactus never blooms at Christmas. I've had it for so long! It just won't cooperate!!

    1. Sorry to say....I ended up sending for it online (www.sewingpartsonline.com). Evidently, there is no place around here that I can count on for my supplies. I agree about the fussiness of these machines (actually computers, if you ask me); I plan to get my old Pfaff fixed up somewhere I can find a reputable repair person and use that for quilting. Sigh.....Julierose


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