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Tuesday, March 27, 2012


I found this very old Batik in my pile and pulled it out today just because it was brown, but I think I really like it:

What do you think? Kind of "garden-looking" for my flowers....

I like ithe way it gathers all the shades of brown and lets the flowers pop out even more....

Like here --- and

here...I really tried all different colors and was really frustrated and  not finding anything that looked good.  I think this leafy batik makes me very happy.  I tend to buy fabric not for specific projects, but because they "speak" to me....how about you?

Now, I am going to handquilt this one--and I promise -- no more "Diamonds Are Forever" until it is totally done....Julierose, La Blageuse

 P.S.  have you been following the brouhaha about fabric designers?  Astounding, disappointing and unbelievable, I feel.  Especially for "scrappy" quilters.....


  1. I like the border fabric. Love pink and brown together, and I think it makes the flowers really pop. Good choice!

  2. I love your brown border. I think it really looks nice with the pink and makes your hexagon flowers look even better. I don't fully understand that whole deal about Kate Spain's fabrics. Aren't we supposed to use the darn fabric?? It is disappointing, I agree!
    P.S. I also buy fabric for no reason! I just have to like it and it's mine!!

  3. Oohhhh! I love pink and brown together also. My granddaughter's nursery is done in pink and brown...sort of a modern look! I like what you have done here! :0)

  4. Isn't it great when something unexpected happens and you find just what you needed, and you had it all along?? Quilting is the best! So what is the Brouhaha? I must be out of the loop!

  5. That border fabric is just perfect for your quilt. Oddly enough I have that same fabric in my stash in blues. It is an oldie but goodie!


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