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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Moon Houses II - Handwork & Halloween

Here is the Halloween wall hanging I made for my daughter (so that "Father Christmas doesn't have to hang on the wall all year long!!):

I just hand quilted around the pre-printed fabric--which I love--and then for Spring and Summer I made this reversible and--voila--

I've been fighting this awful back strain and so only doing handwork, as I don't have to bend over my machine...here is the latest incarnation of "Into the Woods II: Moon Madness":

When we cruised the Carribbean last year, we passed by so many deserted islands with falling-down houses.It really looked like the land that time forgot--really lush and fog bound-- and this is a little memento of our trip:

 I found this old leaf print yardage in my stash and added the rampant greenery....I only wish I had more of it--I love that green-marooney-purpley colorway...
C'est tout aujourd'hui...Julierose, La Blageuse


  1. Love that the wall hanging is 2 sided and for 2 different seasons! Great idea! I just love your Into the Woods wall hanging. It's just gorgeous. That leaf fabric is just perfect. Hope your back feels better. I find handwork so much more relaxing than sitting at the machine.

  2. Sorry about your back strain. My back acts up at times and it drives me nuts! it's difficult to wait it out I know. I love that your project is reversible. Great idea! Your houses really capture parts of the Caribbean.


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