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Friday, August 10, 2012


I saw this cute "Dolly" fabric when Fiona was first born and knew I would like to use it for her first "big girl" bed quilt:

And in my ever-ongoing effort to USE UP my scraps I have made up these blocks as a beginning:

I have been sewing bits and pieces of precious scraps  into little sections and then adding them to the "Dolly" centers--such fun--I don't know if I'll float them or sash or what yet, but I figure I need a head start for this quilt.  My long-term project.  The reverse of this two-sided quilt will be Santa Claus time fabrics for the holidays. 

Fiona will be 10 mos old on the 15th--ALREADY!!  She is pulling herself up and wanting to "GO!". 

She sure loves "Da-Da"....

Best of weekends to you all, love to hear your comments--

Julierose, La Blageuse
P.S.  Do you know of anyone who needs really little snippets for those fused quilt projects, I have a ton of them and would be happy to send them instead of throwing them away--I hate waste!!  ;-))


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  2. These blocks will make a sweet quilt for little Fiona! She's a doll! And I really like those woven blocks you did a while back. What a great use for scraps! :o)

  3. Love your doll fabric!! I like your blocks too! Such fun! I love using up my scraps. I love that I'm not wasting anything. Fiona is so pretty! She's getting so big.

  4. Aren't we lucky ;-) You do such beautiful work, Julie!! -Lin

  5. Like the peek-a-boo quality of your dolly patchwork... the way you are shifting around the pattern in each square.

  6. What a brilliantly simple way to put both the dolly print and special scraps to good use! This will be a charming quilt someday.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. It looks like we have a lot in common. :- )


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