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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Wednesday Flowers

Look what's blooming {finally} :  Canna bulbs from last year's hurricane friend down the street: (we had them for dinner as they had NO FOOD at all--their fridge had just given up the ghost three days before--so tuna an PBJ was it for them.)Long story short:    Anyhoo--the upshot is they gave me these lovely bulbs and 

V O I L A !!!

Almost in full bloom--they are about 5 feet tall.

ALSO folks, there is a H U G E giveaway at "Lily's Quilts" from a new fabric goody store the Running Chicken....go check it out  19 FAT Quarter babies!!  

That's all for today..Mwah Julierose, La Blageuse


  1. Gorgeous flower! I'll have to check out that giveaway! Thanks for the heads up!!

  2. Hope you post a pic of them in full bloom.


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