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Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Since  my back went out and I have been mostly doing handwork:  I was looking at my woven wall and feeling the blocks needed something......
 something else....and here is what I have begun to add:

..... searching for some thread, I came across a stash of my old scrapbooking stamps and permanent ink pads....VOILA!!!!! I  stamped images of ladies dotted across my blocks and appliqued flowers and leaves as head-dresses on them:

--here is a closer shot....



So far, I am liking the look of them--how well they will all go together is another story......BUT.

It sure is fun "fussy-cutting" them and sewing them on. 
AND----All these blocks will have to be quilted--
I have to decide if  I will try "quilt-as-you-go"--which intrigues me; or if  I should just back the whole thing with another top or even a piece of flannel....decisions, decisions....

I really feel as if I am stepping out of my comfort zone with this project --which, of course, I never would have even thought of if it wasn't for Jude Hill's" Spirit Cloth" blog and her weaving class that I took online.  (Thank you Jude for being such a terrific teacher and insipire-er)   It really opened me up to a new way of looking at fabric and quilting.  I love working without a pattern and playing with cloth like this....

Julierose, La Blageuse


  1. Hi Julierose sorry to read you have a sore back. There is nothing worse it affects so much of what you do. The stamps are a great idea

  2. I love the images you are stamping on your blocks. So interesting! I think it's a good thing to be outside our comfort zone. It's a bit scary but we end up learning something. I'll be interested to see how this ends up! I bet it'll be wonderful!!

  3. Hope your back is better. I love what you are doing with the woven quilt! Can't wait to see what comes next!

  4. Great idea and stepping out of your comfort zone may lead you down an awesome path!

  5. Hi Julierose. Hope your back feels better. Kudos to working outside your comfort zone! I, too, look forward to what's next.


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