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Thursday, August 30, 2012


Perhaps you've noticed the new little symbol on my sidebar:  I have been invited to join in the Quilting Gallery's "Friendship Embroidery" Swap.  This will be my first swap ever and I am excited to be a part of the handworkers community all over the world.  Here is the start of my work in progress:

This cute pattern is from Lenna at "The Stitching Cow"; she graciously offered it to us all.
I am using a dark blue--just this side of navy-- for the lettering.  Will keep you posted on its progress.

Also, I have become ab-s0-lutely enchanted with some Crazy Quilts I have viewed online; and here is my first block prepped to embroider and embellish{oh joy-- and 3 trips to JoAnne's later: beads, ribbons, etc added to my new stash ;--))) }

I put this together after printing out some pictures on fabric from Pat Winter in her Summer Issue of "Crazy Quilt Gatherings" visit her here www.gatherings100.blogspot.com to see some gorgeous work by her and many others.  

Don't you just love that little girl holding the shell?  I will be adding many sea-themed items; I am having a hard time knowing just where and how to start...I think embroidering the seams first tho'....

AND, last, but not least, Nicki Lee has in her Etsy shop "Raviolee Dreams" the most sumptuous laces that I had to have:

and more:

They really speak to me of my Grand'mere, who crocheted and did the filmiest laces...I can't wait to incorporate them in the photo "Remembrance" blocks I hope to make of our family.

And so you have it, mes amies, my handwork homework....

P.S.  I have finished 42 "Dollies" blocks now and got some Kona Cotton pale lavender to float them on....I have been a busy Julierose, La Blageuse


  1. Oh my, you have been very busy! Love your embroidery block. I can't wait to see it all done! I'm sure your crazy quilt block is going to be spectacular! That lace is so pretty and delicate! You picked the pretttiest stuff!!

  2. Hi Julie, Thank you for stopping by my Blog. I LOVE your blue/seashell girl block! My favroite colors and my very favortie theme to CQ. Cant' wait to see how yours turns out. Have fun! SO happy you are enjoying the laces.



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