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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

MY WORLD....and WelcomeTo It!

Hit by the Flu Bug, I have been definitely AWOL.  I am better, but not 100% by any means.  Boy, when that hits, everything else is put on hold and you visit some foreign country....I am on my way back into what passes for my usual life.  So far, no quilting, no cleaning, no eating ....no nuttin'!!!  I am able now to sip some tea and have a few saltines.  (Do ya think I'd lose some WEIGHT??? No such luck)

I have put away any and all quilts in progress that require a "zillion" pieces; just not up to it.  No resolutions; just a few ideas floating around.  
I will be back when my brain fog clears.....Happiest of New Year's to ALL

Julierose, La Blageuse, Fog-euse....P.S.  Does anyone know where I can purchase the Moda Figgy Pudding line of fabrics??  I have scoured online and cannot find it....thanks


  1. I'm glad you're back to blogging but sad you were sick. Hope you feel better very soon! Everything can wait until you feel up to it. Take it easy and get well! Happy New Year!

  2. Here's hoping your recovery is quick, and you are feeling better really fast! So sorry you're down! Stay warm, drink tea, dream of quilts! :o)

  3. Hope you get better real soon - it sounds like a nasty bug.

  4. Oh My!! What a bummer! I hate being sick WITH A PASSION!!! Glad you seem to be on the mend!

    I too have been mulling some ideas around about the new year and what I want to do. I stopped doing resolutions MANY moons ago! I just usually end up doing whatever I want anyway!! HA!

  5. I just saw a story on the news where people were waiting for hours to see a doctor because of flu. Hope you are feeling 100% real soon.

  6. feel better soon. this flu is a nasty nasty bug and it is everywhere! take care


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