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Tuesday, January 8, 2019


                         WOW--this Athene amaryllis is:
                                             Pure white with yellow and dark green interior ..

                                            Much longer stemmed than my Red Surprise one

And here is the second stem on Red Surprise:

                            Looking like F I V E  M O R E  flowers to come...;}}}}}}
On the quilting front..................

Here is a view of my latest trial block....
When I spied these on  Monday Making at Love, Laugh Quilt and
                                        I   totally.
                                                                               fell in love with these

                                                        AMISH SNOWBALLS...

                     (I MOVED TO:SQUIRREL "CITY",
                                    DROPPED  EVERYTHING AND
                                                       HAD TO MAKE THIS ONE.)
Know what I mean...???

I have a load of solids ............................
(don't ask me why I even bought them as I've NEVER used them
in any project...--well, need I say more about buying fabrics??

And I thought--well, this is definitely a good way to finally try out solids...

                 [Every time I look at my block, I search for a print...hahaha]

Here is the 2nd block set up...they are really fun to make...and non-stressful....

I am using my Accuquilt 3.5" die to cut the squares...so that makes it easy on my
shoulders and arms and hands...and my triangle die for the flippy corners....

I do have to iron the heck out of the fabrics since they've been folded for
SO    L O N G 
and are very creased ....
so am trying hard 
to let THE IRON  do the work and not 
pressing down so hard that I
 strain myself...
trying is the operative word here...;0000
On the Pomegranate front...
I am only allowing myself to hand quilt on Sundays now...so it is:

S L O W S U N D A Y  stitching with Kathy.....

Hugs, on
Another gray, rainy, raw day here....
 Julierose, La Blageuse (throwing snowballs-euse)


  1. Your flowers are gorgeous. I like the snowballs. I should try them.

  2. Thanks for sharing your flowers. So uplifting to see something organic. Here it is quite windy and 20 degrees. I'm sure the feels like is 0 or below.
    Love your snowballs! I have used prints for my snowballs, (see the banner du jour), so I know how fun they are to make. Keep up the good fight.

  3. That white amaryllis is gorgeous. Those snowballs look so nice too.

  4. Athene is so gorgeous! And it is lovely to see more red ones coming too.

  5. Wow the amaryllis love their special spot in your home. Both are very pretty.

    The Amish snowballs look like a fun block. Great way to use up those solids.

  6. Guess what! You’ve just thrown me a curved snowball, a little squirrel rolled up in a ball. I guess I’ll have to chase it.

  7. Such pretty flowers! I love the Amish snowballs. Solids give this blocks a whole new look and I like it!

  8. Nice colour combinations with those snowballs Julierose.

  9. Hi Julierose omg your flowers are so pretty,love the Amish snowballs,hope you have a lovely day my friend xx

  10. Your snowball blocks in solids are striking, lovely.
    Amaryllis are fabulous aren't they. I have a white, very similar to yours, and a coral and white. Right now my son is 'babysitting' them and doing a good job of it.
    I do miss them. Thanks for sharing your photos.


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