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Saturday, January 12, 2019


                       Here's my mailing from DAWN................
                              she MADE a block for me...thanks Dawn...
                                     and I love the old buttons...
and..................... the second squishy package came too: 
                                             from SHARON 

(Uhhh i thought one or two "little" pieces there gal lol--)

                                 Just gaze at this wealth of PURPLES!!
                                         thank you for your generous
                                            ingredients, Sharon...

Well, my "soup" HAS BEGUN simmering....looking for a new recipe....
   And.................... these blocks just are looking "B L A H" to me...
Well, perhaps they are reflecting my state of mind right now--
                         Y I K E S !! Not good, huh???

I mean.............................They are so spare-looking..
perhaps like  our outside view this Winter....????

Indecisiveness abounds.... 😮

But I am trudging onward...
perhaps a  serendipitous block will be the spark I need to continue...

(This is a labor-intensive block with all those "flippin" (haha) corners)

BUT...being resolute....
(altho' I didn't make any New Year's ones lol)

I will not abandon these until the pieces I've already cut ahead 
are all used up ...
THEN I will re-assess...after all.......

my drawer of deep-sixed projects is overflowing already....

Here is a cheery look at my ever-flowering amaryllis beauties....
        I just am amazed at how prolific a bloomer this one is...but she needs
to be supported with her long stem......
and.................a little digression here...... 
Speaking of long stems--hahaha, I had my mid-back length hair cut
off on Thursday...to this:

and so far, even after two nights' sleeping on it, 
I still like it...now
to do it myself...hah  aye, matey: 
                                                 "...there's the rub" ....

And here is Red Surprise close to breaking into bloom:

I love the subtle variation of the reds, oranges--
even shades or tints of purple, yellows white and greens...
all fading in and out of each other...even some maroon-ey hues...

I am finally coming out of "migraine-city"--
where I have been residing on and off
all week long...

my eyes are still adjusting to the light...

Maybe tonight I can sleep through....hopefully....

Enough of my moan/groan/venting here.....

                                         "I vant to be alone"
                                           in ze darkness.....

hugs, Julierose, La blageuse (undecisive-euse)


  1. I love your haircut! It looks great on you. I'm keeping an eye on Stone Soup! You got some great fabrics. You'll figure out what to do with your blocks. You had a migraine and I've got an awful cold complete with a fever. I've been spending lots of time on the couch. So sick of this winter!!

  2. Winter is drab here, too. If only it would snow, and get it over with. The overcast skies are overwhelming. I turn on the radio, that cheers me some.
    Your haircut is great. I did that a week or two ago. So much easier to rope in.
    Now what is this about stone soup? What else do you need for ingredients - I've got a bunch of them that are itching for a trip to the East coast.

  3. Pretty purple fabrics! And your hair cut and your flower are beautiful too ;)

  4. Hello there, Julierose,so nice to see your photo. And you look very glamorous in your new haircut. Do hope your migraine goes away, I've never had one bu have heard that they are horrendous

  5. Oh my goodness Julierose! I love your hair cut. I have gone shorter but not that short...too chicken. You may just change me mind. LOVE!!!

    The soup project is fun to read on your's and Dawn's blogs. Can't wait to see what you gals cook up. Sharon sent some nice purples, too.

  6. Your hair looks lovely!
    Those beautiful flowers just keep on giving. They are so gorgeous.

  7. Love your haircut sexy mama. Lol your flowers are beautiful and you have some nice red onion, beets and red cabbage for your soup. Cant wait to see what everyone comes up with. So fun.

  8. Your amaryllis are so pretty. I like your haircut. Don’t know what it looked like before, but it looks good now. I was kind of surprised you had such long hair before. I can’t grow my hair long any more. It’s too fine and thin, so lucky you if you can pull that off. Anyway...the new haircut looks great.

  9. Hi, Julierose! Your flowers are amazing, blooming so beautifully even in winter. And such terrific purple fabrics! Stone soup is a great idea. To me, they look like stones on a garden path.

  10. Hi Julie, I think this is the first time I have ever seen a picture of you! You look MAHvelous DAHling! :D How fun to get a treasure trove of purples!!


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