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Friday, February 8, 2019


                       Soup bowls are on the "table"  and up on my design wall

                              I have sprinkled bits on top....

                        I am still not sure if I like these in the centers...


                                   SNOWBALLS MOVING ALONG..............

New Diamond Painting 

                                  A cute Christmas giving picture....

Another grey and rainy day here,
On The Menu....
Pork Roast dinner tonight with boiled potatoes 
and almond string beans..
Hugs, Julierose, La Blageuse (resting day-euse)


  1. While pork roast sounds delicious, I'd rather have a serving or two of your Stone Soup. It just gets better as the days go by. That is just the way with homemade soup.
    We are having a sunny cold winter day after lots of snow. Stay warm, Dear Friend.

  2. Nice soup there.i love your idea of making the bullseyes. You are going to town on those paintings.

  3. I like your snowballs!
    Good progress and sounds like a great dinner.
    Happy Friday.

  4. Your projects are looking great. Dinner sounds yummy. We are having roast tomorrow night...cook in the slow cooker with veges all day.

  5. Your projects are coming along so nicely. Your dinner sounds so delish! Your stone soup recipe is just as good!!

  6. The snowballs are beautiful and Stone Soup looks just like you. Have fun.

  7. I'm still loving those bullseyes, and I think the center embellishment is an interesting idea!!

  8. What did you decide about the little accent bits onStone Soup. I feel they are charming but maybe detract for the beautifully gentle modernism of the piece? Love the Snowballs!



  9. You seem to be on a roll Julierose with all your projects, beautiful Stone Soup!

  10. I love snowball blocks and yours are beautiful. Great progress you are making.

  11. Hi Julierose! Im justback from vacation and trying to catch up on my blog reading. Just HAD to comment on your lovely soup bowls!! They are so lovely and unique!!


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