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Wednesday, March 10, 2021



My little 
kit from Amazon
came in a pot
[the inner plastic one]
that is obviously 
W A Y 
too small...

being temperate 
and sunny,
repotted them
They are looking a lot more
residing in this
along with dried
Iris stems
ready to support 
them on 
their journey

Definitely looking forward
to Springtime.

I have joined in with
(click to see info on this)

for her

with that in mind,

I looked at a lot of tulip
pictures (via google)
and decided that these will
be my inspiration:

 and these
I am totally enchanted
with their soft hues...
Speaking of tulips-- 
here is a long shot of my son's new kitchen
(FYI--last year their home was
flooded out and they
 are now
re-doing it)

More lovely  
on display...

I have begun pulling fabric strips
for the string blocks 
section --
{a little late}

And so,
onto a 

Who knows where
this one will end up?

I have finished all 18 Wild Garden
spiderweb blocks and
have laid them to rest a bit
to decide how to put them

For those who so kindly asked
after me--I am feeling just
about back to normal after
my reaction to the 2nd
Covid shot....

By St. Paddy'sDay,
 Tom and I will be fully immunized...

In the meantime,,,
we are still wearing masks when out
and also social distancing...

Take care..
Hugs, Julierose
La Blageuse
(stringing along-euse)


  1. So glad you are feeling better. Those Paperwhite flowers do look happier in the bigger pot.That looks like a fun sew along - I can't wait to see your progress.

  2. Did you have the Moderna? Asking because either I asked once before and forgot...getting old is not for sissies. :D Love your repotting. I need to do that with some plants. Just not enough time to do what I must do, and what I want to do in a day.

  3. The paperwhites look much more comfy! And all the tulips are so delightful, I think they are my favorite flower, esp the curly parrot tulips.

    The Tulip quilt sewalong is very ''you'', I can see why you love it.[I was so enthralled and tempted by the link, tho for some reason I couldn't make ANY sense of the string instructions, they seemed to make an easy idea very complex. Maybe just me?]

    I am looking forward to seeing your version.

  4. There are so many varieties of tulips and you have chosen some pretty ones. I'm watching several people following Ann's sew along. I'm sure they will all look very different.

  5. Quite a few folks (including me) working on these strings! I'm leaning towards piecing some tulips, but we'll see. I have another project to finish first.

  6. I'm sorry you've been unwell because of your 2nd shot. I was expecting the worst but I really only had a sore arm and loss of energy. The problem is I still have low energy and it's been two. weeks. Never know what to expect. I love the pictures of the tulips. We had some of these in 2013 but they were only good that one year - sigh.

  7. I love exotic bright tulip colors! Feel better soon! Hugs!!!

  8. Your post reminds me so much of Springtime! That second Covid vaccine is a tough one. I'm so glad you're feeling better. So glad you're immunized!

  9. pretty tulips and I love paperwhites!
    glad you are feeling better.
    I have my 2 shots scheduled.


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