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Sunday, March 28, 2021



I've been doing this ↑↑↑↑
now and then..
working on this top border of
Night Flight...

I have to yet figure out how
to put the 3 sections
this will be new for me...as
the backing is already quilted
to all the layers...
I FORGOT that I've never done
it this way before--
I am blaming 
Covid Brain Fog....

Tom and I watched the Bah'rain  (sp?)
Grand Prix car race this
morning and now the
Red Sox are on...
A real rainy day theater...

Watching from my
all quilted up
Tonight is Slo-Cooker
Pot Roast with 
boiled potatoes, gravy
and string beans...

Thanks to all of you who wondered
why I haven't posted for a bit...
I just need a few days away
from sewing, I guess...

Hugs from rainy CT
Julierose, La Blageuse
(in No0Mo-Mojo-mode euse)


  1. I'm lazing around today too. I blame the rain.
    enjoy your supper! sounds good.

  2. Sometimes our brains just need a rest. Or a switch. Thats when i knit.

  3. Sylvia at the Treadlestitches blog has some ideas for joining quilted sections together, Julierose. Do you read her blog? Wrapped up in a quilt on a rainy day sounds lovely!

  4. Some days I just need to do nothing. I need to unclutter my brain and not feel pressured to finish something. I rest and it boosts my energy for another day. Wish I was coming to your house for dinner.

  5. Hope you can work out how to put those pieces together, sure to be some ideas on the internet. Your dinner sounds great, I love meals cooked in the crock pot.

  6. I think it's perfectly to take a break. Time to rest and recharge. Hope your dinner was as good as it sounded!

  7. Sounds like a great day. I'm ready for baseball season. It's been too long!

  8. If you do some poking around for quilt as you go, there are any number of bloggers out there who create their sections and then join them. Likely some video tutorials as well. Take it easy and let your creative self rest. That mo-jo will return in due time!

  9. I’ve never done quilt as you go. Good luck.

  10. Night Flight is looking so good! Sometimes we need to just step back and take a break and recharge the quilting batteries!


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