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Saturday, March 13, 2021


My "Girl With Braids"
diamond painting is
coming along really well...
I love the colors in this one...

Not thrilled with these↑↑↑


This is just not coming
together for me
no matter which way
I sew these String
Tulip SAL blocks.

So, I am putting this on the 
back burner for now...

Here are a couple shots of 
the reverse of Night Flight's
hand quilting

Now, these make me
I am on the last two rows
of hand quilting...
Just a few more geese
to tie down;)))

I am really enjoying working
on this one...

Today is my husband's 82nd birthday;
I am making a celebratory 
Roast Chicken dinner
and a banana bread
(in lieu of cake which he
is not overly fond of!)
For him....

I hope you are all healthy
and staying safe.

Hugs, Julierose
La Blageuse 
(Surveying my projects-euse)


  1. I like the tulips but it is your vote that counts! Love the quilting on the flying geese... I think I just need to make one of those sometime. Happy Birthday to hubby - My Mom is just a few days older than him - she turned 82 on the 5th!.

  2. Happy Birthday to your husband!

    As much fun as it is to get something finished, I bet you are going to miss working on those flying geese.

  3. I'm intrigued by string tulips, but not quite sure how I would make them either! I hope you find a way with them! Night Flight is wonderful! You picked the perfect backing for it. And Happy Birthday to your hubby - dinner sounds yummy!

  4. Happy birthday to you happy birthday to you happy birthday dear Thom happy birthday to you. I will eat a piece of cake for ya lol. Love those strings. So soft and muted Monet like. Your geese are coming along

  5. I think Tulips needs more color[tho I do like the first ojos set], like your inspiration real tulips...and the low volume idea needs to be used elsewhere. Because the very pale strings won't show up very well when you do the central tulip block.

    Geese is gorgeous! Size? Lap quilt size? Wall?

    Happy birthday to your husband, he has a beautiful day to celebrate.

  6. Happy birthday Julierose's hubby. we are still fine , got our last shot a few weeks ago

  7. The colors in your current diamond painting are beautiful. I love the blush on her cheeks!
    The second set of string blocks -- are those for the centers of the tulips? I know lots of people are sewing tulips right now but I'm not keeping up with who's doing what. And I like the pale string blocks but not sure what's happening with those?
    Night Flight is looking wonderful! About how big will it be when finished?
    Happy Birthday to your husband. I hope he enjoyed dinner and had a great day. (Roast chicken sounds very tasty to me.)

  8. I would just use the low volume Ojos style string blocks and let those turn into a quilt on their own (or a runner or something else). I am not including string blocks with my tulips (update on the blog today). Like Ann said, treat it like a prompt and make it however it makes you happy.

  9. Wishing your hubby a very happy birthday!
    Love your hand quiling, of course and...I like the string blocks in the first photo. But, you are the one who has to be happy.

  10. I too like the first string blocks. Maybe you just need a bit more of the pinks in the second set? But I agree with Julie, do what makes you happy. Happy birthday to your husband.

  11. Happy birthday your husband! I like both sets of string blocks but it won't hurt a bit if you let them age a while. I'd wondered whether you were still doing the diamond painting, and the answer is yes.

  12. Very happy (belated) birthday to Mr. Julierose!

    I love your geese, and they are looking wonderful quilted.

  13. Happy Birthday! I love your geese and your hand quilting. Beautifully done! You may like your string project after waiting for a bit. I'm sure you'll come up with something!

  14. Happy birthday Mr. Julierose.
    The geese are lovely. And hand quilting. Wow.
    The colors of your string samples look good to me but setting them aside for a "think" is the solution if you're not pleased.

  15. Hi Julierose, I'm caught up on your posts now. It seems we both went tulip hunting. I checked out your link but I've promised myself not to start any SAL"s no matter how tempted..which it was! Now I liked these strings; I was thinking oh kind of low volume which would make the center stand out more. Night Flight is beautiful as is your stitching on it. I also love your hexagons...coming along too. Lots to see here and yea to getting those shots. Take care!


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