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Saturday, March 20, 2021


I finished the hand
quilting yesterday!
Just in time for Spring to arrive..

These were the last few I finished...

And here is the back
A lovely panel 
with my
flying through the 
I just love this look...

I have set up the
front (geese side) top
Moon and Birds border 
to be layered and
I have just enough of that
feathers fabric to back
the top border

When done it will look like this

This was taken December 24th...
After the three sections were
So that is when the central
section quilting began...
and I chose to do Quilt as You Go.

And so...
 The Vernal Equinox has arrived!
Certainly not outside as yet--still 
very cold and very windy...
Spring by the Sea here...

My paperwhites have
begun to emerge...
so dainty and delicate..
harbingers of Spring...

So, tomorrow, my daughter can 
now come and visit us 
as we have had our
2nd shots and gone through the
two week waiting period...

We haven't seen her for over a year
now--so we are excited....

I hope you are all well, 
full of antibodies
(or getting there)

Hugs, Julierose,
La blageuse
[Keep me on]


  1. The geese are flying at your house, Julierose! Your quilt looks wonderful, and you sure picked the perfect backing for it, too. Hooray for the opportunity to see your daughter, and Happy Spring!

  2. Uh-mazing! Nicely done. Beautiful panel too.

  3. Sew exciting to get a visit from your daughter! I love how the flying geese came out and the panel on the back is gorgeous. I really need to make some geese into a quilt one of these days.

  4. That is going to be so pretty when you get all of the parts attached. Paperwhites celebrating spring by blooming today!

  5. Oh how I love your hand quilting!! So pretty!

  6. Your geese are so great. The type of quilting you chose really enhances the quilt I love the zigzag quilting shown on the back side. Our first day of spring is pretty drizzly but no complaints here, we need the moisture, So happy you can see your daughter. My daughter has been so cautious during this past year to keep her family safe from the virus. One of her kids tested positive Monday and now two more of them are sick. It's not over~

  7. Those colors for the geese are great and I Love the moon above!!! Have fun with your daughter! take care!

  8. Happy First Day of Spring! Congrats on a beautiful finish! I thought it was cold today too but I loved seeing the sun!

  9. Happy first day of Spring - your geese look wonderful (front AND back).

  10. How exciting to be able to have family visits again!

    Happy spring.

  11. How lovely to be able to see your daughter again after all this time.

  12. Your geese are stunning and I love the effect of the quilting on the beautiful back panel. Enjoy your daughters visit. xx

  13. Lovely quilt and even lovelier that you can see your daughter!! Hugs and have a great day!

  14. The geese look wonderful - I can't wait to see everything put together! Such good news that you are now vaccinated - enjoy the family time!

  15. How delightful to visit with your daughter in person again.
    And congratulations on your beautiful finish. The backing is delightful and flying geese are always make a charming quilt.

  16. How nice to still be hand quilting !! I always love the look. I gave it up, my left hand cramps up in an hour of hand binding.

  17. Oh that is turning out truly lovely. Yay for being able to see family glad you got your shots. I got my first one last week.

  18. The geese and your hand quilting are just beautiful!!
    Your panel on the back is just perfect, beautiful colours. I'm so happy to read that you will be meeting your daughter again after 12 months, in fact as I write this you may well be reuniting, enjoy!!!

  19. Congratulations on finishing the geese - they are looking splendid and will be even better once the other panels are added on. Enjoy your time with your daughter. I haven't seen any of my big kids for more than a year now.

  20. Such a good feeling to get through I'm sure! Looks so lovely.:)

  21. hooray for hand quilting! your geese are beautiful.
    I wish I could smell the paperwhites. I love their scent.
    Vaccines will get us back together.


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