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Thursday, April 8, 2021


I am working on using up all my mini charms;

Here are 7 long rows of 9-patches
with all the blues with
whites and creams;

15 Gray 4-patches

24 pink and green combo

Various two-sies

Here is my work table set up with
colors in various stages 
These will all be put in my 
"New Parts Dept."  
for use as needed...

I had collected SO MANY 
mini charms that have been just
sitting in a drawer...


While trying to get my Mojo back,
I decided to just do some 
mindless square

From mini charms into 

This has been a rather
difficult time for us
here as I had
to take Tom to the ER late Easter
 Sunday evening;
and then he was taken
by ambulance onto the 
Hospital for a few

He is home now and
feeling a lot better.
(as am I--this house
is way too quiet with
him gone!!).

 this little bout of 
mini charms sewing
has helped to sustain 
me very well.

Stay well, and stay safe

Julierose, La blageuse


  1. Sorry to hear about your husband Tom. Glad he's back home with you. I don't like being alone at night, I don't know how some people do it. The mini-charms was a good project to keep you busy and didn't require a whole lot of serious decision making. I'm sitting here trying to make myself go downstairs and get some quilting done at the frames. I'm not feeling very motivated today.

  2. Oh dear, so sorry to read about your hubby's trip to hospital in an ambulance, such a scary time for you both. Do hope he is now much recovered and getting better every day. Take care.

  3. So scary to have to take your love to the ER. I'm soooo happy he is back home with you! Your mini charms are so lovely!

  4. Very sorry to hear about Tom's hospital stay, but happy to hear that he is back home again. Some easy piecing is great therapy when you are worrying about things.

  5. I'm glad he is home again - take care BOTH of you!

  6. Glad Tom is home. Sewing like that is good to zone into another place.no heavy thinking just pedal to the metal.
    Jacky and i one year made table toppers using 9 of tbose 4patches and sashing.they were adorable and easy.we made fall and Christmas ones.

  7. That is the perfect kind of sewing for a stressful time. I hope Tom is doing OK now.

  8. I hope everything is okay with your husband. Sewing is good therapy when stressing over something. I'm glad to hear he's home which I'm sure also makes you feel better.

  9. I'm so sorry to hear about your husband needing to go to the hospital. I hope it was a short-term, one-time problem.
    I always think how helpful it would be to have some simple sewing to do during times of stress. I'm never prepared but I'm glad you were.

  10. So glad Tom is home and got a good nights sleep. Your mini charms are looking great.

  11. Sickness is tough. I agree with Wanda...perfect sewing for a stressful time. Making parts for the part department..Be well...you and yours xo

  12. Sending hugs and warm thoughts for you and Thom. Glad he is doing better, and I hope you’re both getting back into the normal swing of things! xo

  13. Julierose, I'm so sorry to hear about Tom, and glad to know he's better. Your mini-charm sewing looks like the perfect therapy! That's turning out just great.

  14. Oh dear, Julierose. I hope you husband is much better and stays well!
    Love the blocks you are making with the mini charms. If I EVER put down the cross stitch and get back to the machine then I would need to work through some of my precuts like this.

  15. Sorry to hear about your husband and this stressfull time, Julierose. Hope he is fine. The blues, white and creams nine patch looks beautiful and you found a great way for airing your mind. Stay safe. hugs

  16. Oh I hope,your husband is recovering, how scary that must have been!
    I love the mini charm packs. Sewn together they look like fun! And they look perfect, nice job and hope it helps the mojo!

  17. Sorry about your husband and all the swirl of stress you are dealing with! I think it's such a good idea to do some simple sewing like this. I like your setup and your concept of a "parts department";).

  18. I'm sorry about Tom; I hope he is on the mend now. Simple sewing is a good way to go about things at difficult times, I think.

  19. Sorry to hear that your husband has not been well. Such a worry, especially right now. You have a great collection of parts now. I have a bin Full of 2.5” squares that I am using as leaders and Enders to make baby quilts. I’ve made 4 quilts so far but the bin is still full. Take care!

  20. Happy to read you have you your mojo back again but sorry to hear about your husband, thank goodness he's back home with you.

  21. I am so sorry for your scare! I am glad he is feeling better and hope he continues to.


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