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Sunday, April 25, 2021


My "trial-making" of some 
Old Italian blocks...

During my room/stash 
I came across these 
sort of Repro fabrics
decided to give these a try...
they are really a fun block
to make.

I would also like to try them
in my newly sorted

Here is what I am
currently reading;
the latest
"Peculiar Crimes Unit"
I find this series fascinating
if a little strange....
but they do keep my interest
all the way to the end....

I also un-earthed these blocks
from a while ago...

I recall that I said I didn't like
them very much at that time.

Now, they have grown on me 
while they were stashed away

So, another project to be finished
has surfaced...😵

It is a Rainy Sunday here
so, a good hand work day...

Will take out my 
hexagons and
work on them...
La blageuse


  1. Love your Italian blocks. Dont make me come after you,,,,,,you enabler. Lol. I will not start another project,,,i will not start another project

  2. Wonderful table topper (last post) and I like both of these projects very much, Julierose. Happy Stitching friend!

  3. I love that you have numerous projects going at once. Sticking to one thing at a time gets it done more quickly but feels so monotonous and mojo-sapping sometimes. The string and stars quilt colors are so pleasing. I hope you continue with that one. The old Italian blocks are tempting to make. They look so crisp and stalwart in reproduction fabrics - that's a good thing.

  4. I love that Old Italian block too and finally made a small quilt with it a few years ago. Your fabrics look great in it.

  5. I like your old Italian blocks...how fun! That pink spider web quilt is so perfect...I love it! Always inspiring to see what you are working on!

  6. Those old italian blocks look great. Glad those strippy stars have marinated long enough. They sure do shout spring!

  7. I really like your "marinated" blocks. They do grow on us when we put them away for awhile.

    I love your Old Italian blocks. They would be great in Batiks, but I do love them as they are as well.

  8. Great to find something partly done...The pink one is fun...and I want to make the old Italian one too xox

  9. The fabrics in the Old Italian couldn't be more perfect for this block, I've never made this one but perhaps it will go on my list. I do hope you'll get around to finishing up your Spider Web blocks, I love these!

  10. I really like your X blocks. Why are they called Italian?
    some things get better after simmering a bit.

  11. Love the Old Italian blocks. I don't recall ever seeing that design before. Will be fun to see them batiks.

  12. So nice to find an old project that you like better this time! I love your Spider Web blocks. Such pretty colors. I stayed indoors yesterday. The weather was pretty awful. Today looks nicer but feels cold and windy. Still want summer!

  13. What size are the blocks, Julie? I'm not familiar with that series--they look intriguing.

  14. Many of my quilts have benefited from resting. I like your plan to use some older fabric for those Italian blocks. Thanks for the book series recommendation. It’s new to me.


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