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Thursday, April 15, 2021


My 2nd house block try.....
This must be an "older"
house as the 
window has warped ;0000

But I do like the door and window 
in the same fabric...

Neighbors can be
so different!! 


Here are two of my Crazy Quilt
blocks that I had
begun embellishing
a couple years ago... 
I had made 6 of these 
into this wall hanging
which now graces my 
small front hallway.

Here are some of the ladies
that grace this one:

I am planning on working on 
the last  6 over
this coming Summer...
they will be my new hand project...

Raining and cold and windy
here today....

I did my weekly grocery 
shopping early this
Tonight we will have a lighter type
Stuffed clams and
a salad...
Maybe someone I know 
will make us popcorn for
a tv snack this evening--
one can only hope...👧

I hope your upcoming weekend will
be a productive one...
I will be sewing red/white
squares together..
Julierose, La Blageuse
(working on my housing estate-euse)


  1. Awe...your houses are so cute, Julierose. Love your crazy quilt, too. I'm hoping for some beach time on Saturday (early) then maybe a bit of time at the sewing machine. It's been missing me and you have inspired me to get back to it.

  2. Two houses, your neighbourhood is slowly growing. I've never tried crazy embellished blocks, looks like fun.

  3. What adorable houses, Julierose. Wherever did you find the ladies for embellished blocks? It looks like beautiful fabric. And I love your red and white quilt!

  4. That Is a cute house block. House blocks are so much fun to make. The details in your crazy quilt are so much fun, just the kind of thing that makes them so much fun to study up close! take care.

  5. That house with door and window matching is lovely. This is going to be a great quilt. Stuffed clams! I can only dream.

  6. Adorable houses! I love your crazy quilt blocks. They're so intricate and full of embellishments. Just beautiful! What a day today! I had to clean off my car like it was the middle of winter. Wasn't it in the 70's last weekend????

  7. Love your neighborhood blocks.
    I too always wanted to make a crazyquilt type embellished with laces and stitches

  8. Great houses! House blocks are my favorite! Your Crazy Quilt is just as beautiful in different ways.


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