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Tuesday, April 13, 2021


The first two
rows of four patches are
sewn together
I am marking their 
position so when
I sew the long rows 
together they will stay in
this order...

And so on....
I am managing to do one double row 
per sewing session...

On the house 
maintenance front:
We have two workers
doing our upkeep
this year....

Here you can barely
see the outline of 
a painter working
on our entryway 
Kinda like pinning and
they are scraping and
And our new fence is being
stained also...

Sprucing up for Summertime...

I gave this house block
a try--


I see that there is not
enough contrast...
Everything looks
kinda "mushy" 
and the roof looks "wintery"
while the house itself
looks "summery".
S I G H...

These fabrics are from
a Jolly Bar called
Fairy Tale...which
I love but somehow
I didn't choose very well...


Also, my cutting must be off..
the left side will
lose its roof point
when I sew it together..

Well, ever have days like that?
Aaargh....😞It's not 
"what did I do wrong?"
Its rather--

Well, that'll keep 
me humbled--
won't it????

Hugs from my house(s)
to yours,
La Blageuse
(movin' on-euse)


  1. Dont fret Julierose, just do the best you can. If that particular house block didn't turn out how you wanted, put it on the back of the quilt, and stitch some some more, to your liking. It's funny how blocks dont always turn out like we envision them

  2. Your 4 patches are going together nicely, Julierose! I have definitely had that happen where I make a block and realize that the color choices are all wrong. It's a cute house design, too, so I hope you try again!

  3. Those four patches look great! It is a cute house pattern... could you unpick the top and match it to a different bottom? I have made loads of blocks that did not make me happy when they were done.... but somehow they work in the finished quilt.

  4. I love that cute little house. I like the fabrics you chose. Not a huge amount of contrast but I find them so pretty! I've sewn rows upside down and screwed up so badly by not marking enough. Love those reds!

  5. Love your little house.i think once you do more in the neighborhood you wont notice as much.

  6. Good idea to write the notes. I have a tendency to put things together in an order I didn't quite plan. The person who paints the house in a summery color still winds up getting snow on the roof. Your house looks fine.

  7. What did we ever do withouth post=it notes? I use them to mark my rows also...well, back when I had rows to mark. I really DO need to put down the cross stitch LOL!

  8. I finally got some numbered pins to keep my rows in order. Gotta use something I find, or else there's unhappiness. I have had days where I just turn off the lights and leave the room before I start throwing things!

  9. Beautiful chequerboard in red and white. Steady progress is all that it takes!
    I see what you mean about your house, though, but I'm sure that a tweak or two will get you to a house that you are happier with. All these things are just bumps along the road, but the journey can still be fun! xx

  10. some day are like that and it is unfortunately.
    As far as the house, it just looks like you did account for seam allowances but it is cute!
    Nice getting outside work done.

  11. We are waiting for some repair people. I'm glad you're getting things started.
    I've been thinking about house blocks, too. The last time I made some they looked more like abandoned homes.


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