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Friday, July 23, 2021

BACK [sort of] and BACK ISSUES...


Here's where I left off
before my sciatica 
became a real problem 
for any kind of machine work...

I am calling this one 
"Summer Days"

[I've had a lot of time to think up
a name as I am not able to sit
and bend over my machine 
as yet...per my MD's
orders to take meds and 
rest and use heating pad.
Getting a bit restless!!]
I was supposed to start PT
yesterday, but on Tuesday 
evening, I started with a 
fever and cold symptoms....

I had to reschedule to this
coming Tuesday....

I am hoping that PT
will alleviate this problem...


I don't have any other sewing 
to show you,
so I will cut this short...
Wish me luck...👵🙏

Hugs, Julierose,
La blageuse


  1. I hope you feel better soon. I hate those summer colds.

  2. Feel better soon. Sending you soft tissues and virtual chicken soup. 🥧

  3. Oh dear, I'm so sorry you've succumbed to a summer cold - those things are miserable. And then compounding it with a sciatic attack as well. Poor you! Take care....get lots of rest.

  4. Rest and feel better! Quilting can wait!

  5. Awe feel better. I will admit I am pretty tough, but back pain takes me out when I have it. Then top if off with a summer cold? Feel better soon sweetie.

  6. Those are happy blocks! I'm sorry to hear about your sciatica and not feeling well. Take good care of yourself!

  7. Sorry to hear you are still suffering the pain. Best wishes for getting it sorted out soon!

  8. Sciatica? Ouch! Hope that the rest / heat pads / PT help, and that you get rid of that fever and cold.....xx

  9. PT will help as will the knowledge you gain about stretching and movement during your visits. Best wishes for that cold to subside quickly.

  10. Oh my goodness! I hope you have some good books to read or maybe watch the Olympics. . . synchronized swimming and the equestrian events or maybe sailing. I hope you heal up soon.

  11. Hope you are on the mend soon! Sending healing vibes your way!

  12. Oh dear, you are having a rough time lately. Do hope you feel better soon. I know what it's like with a sore back, so many things I want to do but I really have to pace myself.

  13. Good to see your post come up! Sorry to hear the back is still not good and hope the PT can work a little magic for you and that your cold soon clears.

  14. Your blue and yellow strippy blocks are delightfu;ly summery! Feel better!


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