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Friday, January 20, 2012

Friday's WIPS --a Shout out to MA--love le beret

More wonky spiders creating webs.....

Orange and red and....

Blues and greens...and

yellows and purples =

 Don't know if I like the arrangement yet--need to make more of each color and, I think, perhaps a shocking pink one, too....we'll see  and...the yellow seems pale compared to the other colors...but yellow has a way of sparking up things.....

I have discovered that my sore left thumb is most likely tendonitis, not just arthritis...no wonder I get these sharp pains using it for piano, picking up items and holding things....thanks to my good friend, MA, who visited us (bearing her homemade pickles so dear to my heart!!)  over the past weekend, I have sent for a thumb support which should help.  Thanks MA!!
Using Bonnie Hunter's "Leaders & Enders method (see her at "Quiltville") I got all these "twosies" made at the same time I was making my spiders.  Amazing, huh?

Found this January House :

And February House

...during my final  fabric bin clean-out:  .two older blocks I had begun, using the fused applique method and hand embroidery.  From an HGTV show with Alex Anderson called "Strolling the Block"--hope to continue finishing these  up this year.....

If I EVER can rid myself of this mega-cold bug that is....hangin' in tho'.

Mmmmmwah to all

Julierose, La Blageuse


  1. So glad to hear you're quilting again! Hope you're feeling better. Love the houses and the spider blocks! Kids going back to school this weekend so I'll have more time to quilt!!

  2. Love those wonky spider blocks, you have a nice collection of bright fabrics to put in those.
    Happy Stitching and I am glad we found each other's blogs :)


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