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Wednesday, January 25, 2012


After my last post, I was looking at the Folk pattern and noticed my Horsey was facing the wrong direction AND when I tried removing the paper, I couldn't.

 So, (automatically thinking this method wouldn't work for me), I did Mrs. Sadie Squirrel and the body of Mr.Rocky Rooster by SEWING the allowance over--THEN...(I am not always the brightest bulb in the pack, obviously) I realized:  (Could it be that it was 2 am during one of my sleepless nights??? I'd like to believe that!!)

 I realized I was thinking of my usual English Paper Piecing technique and had glued--yup--glued the seam allowance to the paper- duh! (It's OK, you can chuckle Teresa...)

 So,this morning I went back to Teresa's tute and found that, of course, you use the paper ON TOP as the folding edge. And you glue stick the fabric to itself;  I feel very lame. Well, live and (hopefully) learn.

 Well, I got a most of the paper off my horse and she will just be a horse of a different color facing the other way (probably avoiding looking at me!!).  As for Mrs. SS and Mr. RR, I will try appliqueing them as is and see how they look....

On a brighter note my  background fabric came in today and I just love the color: from Moda Fig line called "Wheat"--I just couldn't do a black quilt...

Here is Sadie Squirrel (who had better cooperate--I can always introduce her to 'Kota (see sidebar pix!!) Hah!!

So mes amis, I proceed---WITH CARE--Julierose (red-faced), La Blageuse

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  1. I like a simple designed horse on a quilt. Very folk art looking. I have done the same as you with turning something the wrong direction. Late nights can do that to you but I can make a mistake like that any time.


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