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Friday, June 8, 2012

Blues-ey Needs a Back

I am taking Jude's online "Weaving" Cloth to Cloth workshop as my treat (I love learning new things s l o w l y --and this is "at your own pace") for the Summer (actually, probably for the most of this year...as I intend to handsew):

Here are the first three 15" blocks that I wove this morning:

A lot of these fabrics are old ones and others that I had dyed years ago and have just re-discovered packed away in my old sewing basket.  What fun!!  I love how quiet and peace (piece--heheh)-ful this work is....

I plan to use these as the reverse of "Blues-ey" for my Winter quilt....I need a break from hustle-bustling for a while....

Still handquilting Spiders every evening --fueled by the Red Sox and their woes....
Have a wonderful weekend.....Julierose, La Blageuse


  1. Wow hand quilting, I am so very impressed. Love the idea of weaving fabric, yet another use!

  2. Love the hand woven blocks! Such a great look! It's refreshing to see something different!


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