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Thursday, June 21, 2012



These are three of my weaving blocks from Jude Hill's video class --all hand work, with ragged edges.  I do these in the evenings watching my Red Sox......

HERE IS MY MACHINE WORK-IN-PROGRESS on my "Doggie Bones" a/k/a Bowties:

Thank heavens for our AC:  I am esconced just by  my front window in my sewing spot, right here:

My trusty LARGE tea mug, my little bunny holding bobbins, and a small box that my Dad made years ago for me.....

I have finally finished the quilting on the "Spiders: Dans Le Jardin"--will post pix when I get it bound; a few other things on the back burner----

I broke my promise to myself to not buy ANYMORE fabric--BUT--loving novelty fabrics as I do, I was totally SMITTEN by some Michael Miller Paris prints--I have never been to Paris, City of Light, sooooo--this will replace that trip--and, it IS much cheaper, non? (hhe heh) 

Do I know exactly what I am going to do with them?????--ahhh, no.   But....your see:  they made my brain go into overdrive & my heart go Pitty-pat! ---I'll post pix of them  when they arrive.. ("Mea Culpa....").......
KEEP COOL, ladies....Julierose, La Blageuse


  1. It's fun to by fabric just for the fun of it! You may need it during a fabric emergency!! Love your woven block and can't wait to see Spiders. Thank goodness for A/C is right! This heat is just too much today!

  2. The waving looks very cool, it has a lot of texture. Paris fabric is the next best thing I think you will be glad you got it!


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