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Sunday, June 3, 2012

One of those Weeks/July 4th

Haven't posted as we were "hi-jacked" and couldn't get to our browser...what a nightmare--then, our modem went ka-flooey---at any rate.  I just have been quilting the spiders (yawn) and I bound Scotties....nothing else to report...just that I think we are too dependent on our computers...

This is where we will be for July 4th this year in RI--the guys are "The Eastover Reunion Band"--my Tommy (far right on clarinet) and the other guys all played together at a Berkshire, Ma  resort in the early 60's-(-that's 1960!!--Tommy and I were in music college then)--and now they have re-united to play together.  We wives and "significant others" are underneath a lovely awning sippin' wine....we are "fingers crossed" for good weather this year......have a great rest of your Sunday..
.Julierose, La Blageuse


  1. Sounds like you're going to have a great 4th of July! You're so right, we are all too dependent on these darn computers! Keep quilting!!

  2. Ooh, I would enjoy hearing that band play and sipping some wine with you and your pals. :-) Sounds great!
    Sorry for those computer woes. :(

  3. Hello Julierose, I'm so happy you found my cloth blog and that you stopped by to say hello. Thanks for your visit.
    Must agree with you about the attachment to our computer; however, the world is so much smaller now and I like that.


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