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Wednesday, July 3, 2013


Hello, I am able to post with my old computer re-formatted -- (Thanks DH)

Here is the beginnings of the back of my Beach Houses little wall hanging...on my design wall--I am still sewing 1/4 sq. triangles....

Don't look too closely to the Sun--there are puckers in there--my first attempt at doing paper piecing and curves--actually the PP-ing went fine--but those curves--oh-my!!  

See those little pleats--aaargh--but, you know what??  (No, what!--LOL) I am leaving them and I will quilt over them or bead over them or whatever--it will be a memento of my 1st attempt...I kind of like that idea..."warts and all".

And here is Miss Libby helping me with this post:

she is a good girl and follows us everywhere--her first time away from her "people" and in a new area....she is keeping us on our toes( between DH's poor foot and my plantar Facietis--(sp??) it is a challenge--but fun!  We are getting a lot of doggie kisses....  ;---))))


And here she is helping me to text to her "people" on vacation--she looks a little forlorn--oh, poor baby...

Hugs, Julierose, La blageuse....


  1. It's just good for the eyes not to look too closely at the sun! But I did enjoy seeing it. I didn't see the puckers, so if you hadn't mentioned them...
    Anyway, I always sew curves by hand. So much less trouble. (I mark the seam line on the reverse side, then pin the seams, then sew. Special pinning is the key. I stick the pin straight through one line to the other, then with another pin I pin it in place and take out the straight through pin. When I hand sew I use a back stitch so it will be a strong seam.
    Miss Libby must be a nurse dog. Dogs just seem to know you are in distress.

  2. Thanks Terri for your help...I plan to make more of these--love stars, suns, compasses...etc. Will do the hand sewing thing for sure this time.. Miss Libby (aka the liebster) was making little moaning sounds by my foot pedal--I guess she just knew that the "Helga" was pinching my fabric behind my back.... LOL) .Julierose

  3. I don't see puckers! Now I'm wondering how many of my quilts have unseen puckers ;-)

  4. Lookin' good - and I don't see no puckers!

  5. Your sun looks gorgeous! Very well done on your first attempt

  6. It looks pretty good to me!!! Very nice fabric as well (and gorgeous dog!)

  7. Looks good to me. Pretty blue blocks, too. Smart dog!


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