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Tuesday, July 16, 2013


Here hangs my very first hexagon project; all hand quilted and finally up in my living room;

This is one of my favorite blocks ........along with

This one and

here you can see the left-over pieces I used to make this one up...separately it really looks kind of strange, don't you think?  But on the whole piece it really (surprisingly) blends in very well...

I just received two pkgs of freezer paper sheets--previously (and for what seemed like forever to me) I had been using just regular food store variety freezer paper off the roll and battling its tendency to curl up.  

I am still busy on my table topper:

I am plugging away at the back which is purples/greens...it's at the point where I am putting the long strips together and kind of unwieldy, but I am determined to finish it up and try sewing the two pieces together on my machine....

Another hot/humid day inside....hugs, Julierose, La Blageuse


  1. Congratulations! Your quilt is so colorful - I love it!

  2. Congratulations to this beautiful wallhanging. You used a wonderful choice of fabrics. You can be so proud finishing this quilt.
    Have a nice summerday and take care

  3. This is so pretty... I really like the layout and your fabric choices are wonderful!

  4. Love your wall hanging! It looks wonderful. I've only used grocery store freezer paper. It does curl awful. That table topper is going to be stunning. I love the pansy fabric!

  5. Love it!! I like the leaves attached to each flower, and that each flower hexagon is two colours...more ideas coming my way...!

  6. nice hexi project. Hmmm.... No I cant......I am moving..it IS portable handsewing.......No I CANT. LOL

  7. nice fabric choices - and I love how the diagonal upward tilt of your design gives the piece some movement.


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