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Wednesday, July 31, 2013


Here's my little darling during our baby/dog sitting week.....she is getting soooo big: "I am not a goo-goo-gaa-gaa baby!  I'm a BIG GIRL!"  she tells us....

Our lives have returned to what passes for normal around here...except that I thought I had a bad cold that just hung on and on and the MD told me --NOPE!  Two massive ear infections and bronchitis...sooo, back on prescription for another 10 days...
Hearing only from inside your head (both ears blocked up totally) is a very disorienting experience.  I see the leaves moving, but cannot hear them--things like that.  AND driving is a totally weird experience.  I can't hear the cars.... WHOA, NELLIE!  But enough about the perils of Julierose....

I have finally been able to go into my sewing room to do a few things:

Remember those scrappy blocks I made before...well, they are a little too bright for me right now--just too riotous for how I am feeling....amazing how our fabric choices really reveal our moods...; I decided to use a semi-controlled scrap base and came up with these....


This one...etc.  They are mindless and fun to do, sew strips one day, trim the next and then sew 4 together...a little bit at a time (as I tire so easily..)

Also, at night, working on finishing up my hexagon table runner...this is the middle section:

AND I made a tentative "pull" for my new hand project when this one is finished:  
I do think it "needs" something else--a spark of something...  

I will close with a giant thank you to all of you who sent your good wishes along to me.  It really helped...now that we have had some closure, we are trying to get back normalcy...

Hugs to all, Julierose, La Blageuse


  1. Your "big girl" is gorgeous! (Just don't tell her I said so.)
    Love your wonky blocks. I think I'd add some light lavender to the right hand stack of your recent pull... maybe some light green, too, or pale pink... It's a beautiful stack, but a bit stark.

    1. I pulled a few light lavendars and some pale greens (great minds???) yesterday...thank you for your great suggestions Julierose

  2. Thank goodness for antibiotics to get us back on our feet! Take care and get well...

  3. Hoping that getting back to sewing while help you heal. Your prescriptions should get rid of that pesky bronchitis and ear infections. Hope you feel better.

  4. Hope you get over the infections soon! The table runner is gorgeous! Love the colors!

  5. I can't believe how much you are getting done, considering you feel awful! Wow! I love those scrappy blocks, too! Nice!

  6. Sorry for the death of your loved one, and hope you are feeling better soon!

  7. Hi, Julierose. Beautiful scrap blocks--LUV the colors and fabrics. Get well soon!
    best, nadia

  8. There's nothing like a smile from a little loved one to make your heart happy. Your scrap blocks are really beautiful in those semi controlled colours. I hope your ears clear up soon.

  9. Oh dear. Hope the head has cleared. And the chest.

    I really love those blocks. The colors are soft without being dull, and somehow are suggestive of little landscapes to me.


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