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Sunday, April 6, 2014


Friday morning's walk on the boardwalk was a bit chilly--yikes! and this is April??
(And who is that??? Nanook of the North??--hahaha--no c'est Moi!!)

Yesterday we decided to try walking on the Connecticut River Boardwalk and we saw that Mother Nature --who knows Spring--has sent the Osprey back to their nests here:

See that little post to the right?
that's an Osprey nesting spot on the island...
Neat, huh??
It was SO COLD and the wind off the water made our eyes water...but, we got our walk in!  YAYA
Have a wonderful Sunday
Hugs, Julierose, La Blageuse


  1. You look chilly but it's still better than this winter! It's getting warmer a little bit at a time! I'm sure your walk was invigorating!

  2. looks chilly but pretty!n We walked along the beach on the Sound yesterday and it was very similar - sunny but chilly

  3. walking is good. you have lovely scenery on your walk.
    chilly but will be warm before long......


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