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Sunday, June 28, 2015


Here's the hand work that has sustained me through many a long night since Mom's death...

Nine Pomegranates : all appliqued and..........

I finally figured out the side setting triangles....
All of the Poms and setting triangles are batiks from my collection that I have been Saving...
(Hoarding, rather ;--000)

And here are the QAYG blocks for Fiona's Forest Fairy Quilt
(this is still a work in progress-- there was no way I could
 give Willa a Fairy quilt and not Fiona, too, right??))

I decided...for what am I saving all these gorgeous batiks??? 

And so I used them on the borders of her blocks 

Here are two of my favorites....


I do love the texture that this QAYG gives...all that is left 
for the front are the side borders....
I have ordered fabric for those.

So, mes amies, I am still quilting and coming to terms with moving on with my life.

It is quite something to find yourself the "new" older generation.

So many memories, so many years......

I want to thank you all (hope I didn't miss anyone in my replies!) for all of your kind condolences and prayers and wonderful good thoughts winging my way... they really helped......

Hugs to you all

(P.S.  Now to begin catching up on my RSC light blues--and here it is already Red for July!!) 
Julierose, La Blageuse , (je me souviens-euse)


  1. Your blocks are wonderful! Your work is so diverse... there's the very structural poms and the loose pieced fairy quilt. You can do it all. I admire that. And the colors are so lush in the fairy quilt. Somebody is going to love that one.

  2. stitching will help you - it is therapeutic.

  3. I sometimes wonder where we would be without our handwork. Hope those long nights start to get shorter, Julierose. Both projects are really lovely, hugs.

  4. Love the poms, great hand work project. The fairy quilts are just too sweet!

    Praying for continued peace and healing, Julie.

  5. You have used the hoarded batiks well!

  6. Gorgeous blocks for Fiona's quilt, and love your poms. Great job. Hugs and prayers coming your way.

  7. Lovely work. Nice you are finding some peace in your projects.

  8. excellent color choices....and i am moving toward being the older generation.....another transition ahead...

  9. Beautiful poms and quilting on the fairy quilt. Glad your needle and thread are helping you through this. Hope the long nights grow shorter and the memories make you smile.

  10. So pleased that you were able to complete some of your Pomegranate blocks, they will have memories for you. You have beautiful fabrics in your Fairy quilt, looks lovely.

  11. Le patchwork aide beaucoup de personnes à sortir de sa peine. J'espère que tu vas un peu mieux. Ces blocs superbes en sont la preuve !
    Le temps n'efface rien mais adoucit bien les choses......
    Gros bisous Julie !

  12. Your projects are beautiful! Hoping your quilting is therapeutic. Take care and take your time. We'll all still be here!

  13. Your poms and fairy quilt are beautiful! It's been 18 months, and I still sometimes catch myself about to call my Mom on the phone. We will never forget our mothers, but it does get a little easier each day to be apart. Hugs!

  14. Such pretty fabrics! It's all very lovely.:)

  15. Your pomegranates are beautiful and stitched with love and memories woven in ....and these floral blocks are gorgeous. Love the fabric : )

  16. Yes, handwork is so therapeutic. Glad you're finding a way to work through this time. {{{hug}}}

  17. Fiona is gonna LOVE it!!!! beautiful work and those poms are wonderful too.


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