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Friday, February 9, 2018


                                                                    Two blocks a day
                                                                     I'm on  my way....;)))

             Waiting for my other fabrics to arrive....four more grays and four more browns...

           (The two on the right are the start of the third big block across)
I am planning 3 across and 4 down for a decent size lap quilt with added borders...

I am not sewing anything together until I make all 12 Big ones (48 little squares) to see how
they'll play together...

These surely mirror our skies and dark trees....

                                               It seems like we just get short bursts of the sun--
                                                                 just enough to assure us
                                                   that it's still up there.....;~{{...
Company coming tomorrow , so will most likely not get to sew....this is a no deadline, slow project...

I hope you are all escaping the flu

Hugs, Julierose, La Blageuse (in neutral-euse)😘


  1. I love your grey and brown combination! It is serene.

  2. I love where this quilt is going, and the tiny little bits of melon/pink here and there add so much interest.

  3. Are you QAYG on this one? I like the gray and brown. I think you need to throw some bright blue for those days.

  4. These colours go really well together

  5. Love your blocks! They seem very calming to me.

  6. Perfect colors for that photo.
    Our weather has been about the same. The sun
    peaked out today and everyone got out for a walk!
    Have fun with your company.

  7. Oh j'aime beaucoup les blocs à bandes comme ceux là ! Ils sont magnifiques avec leurs couleurs !

  8. I love those color combinations. I wouldn't have thought of that! Can't wait to see the finished top. I love making strip blocks with my scraps. Enjoy! mary in Az

  9. I like that comb. of grey and browns. I don't think I would have reached for those but they look great together!

  10. They play well together so far. It's a interesting combination of colours and I really like it.


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