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Sunday, February 11, 2018


Cover beginning...

This is  photo heavy Paper  crafting....
                            This notebook/scrapbook is an eclectic mix of photos and gardens...
                                       and .here I am ..my first Summer...

Grand-pere et moi: My Mom's Dad.....he used to babysit for me and Mom would come
                         home and find him watching me sleeping in my crib.....I wanted to
                                                      record this memory............

I rescued these photos from an old album that I came across last week...

AND: .
My garden in Winter...

                             this is two weeks' worth of working in my TN--a memory work...
                            ...I do enjoy this size and playing with paper and photos

Hugs from Rainy CT
Julierose, La Blageuse (TN-euse)


  1. What a fun use of your old photos!! I'm saving papers for next year's date book. (Because of you) I want to try making my own planner.

  2. Oh goodness Julierose, this is just beautiful... what a very pretty way to keep such precious images together!

  3. I love scrapbooks. You've done well with yours.

  4. This is a great inspiration. Are you doing a day per page... How are you holding the journal together.

  5. What a lovely way to keep treasured memories alive!

  6. beautiful work Julie i am now your newest follower ,hope you will visit and follow me ,i love your pages,well done xx

  7. What a lovely collection of memories. Congratulations.

  8. What a beautiful treasure you're creating! Wonderful in so many ways!!

  9. Your baby pictures are so sweet.
    I think I would've watched you sleep too.

  10. What beautiful pages, and beautiful memories.


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