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Monday, June 24, 2019


                        I finished my "ROSES" diamond painting (dp) this morning...

It is a large square canvas "15 and 7/8ths by 15 and 7/8s"...

it took me a long time to finish, 
but I enjoyed every line of the  whole journey...

I find placing the little drills, one at a time (they have multi-placers
that you can use, but I prefer the one-at-a-time method)
really is calming...

If sleep deserts me during the night--I just sit and place in the 
hush and quiet...
and this eventually calms my beating heart.....

                                  See how sparkle-ey it is....;)))

On the whole, these drills (little diamond squares) were really good
and the canvas was really sticky although 
there was one spot where they missed gluing--!! -- ack!!

But, I just used my Tombo Mono glue (from my scrapbooking
days) to attach about 8 little drills;  and they are fine...

As you can see from the enlarged photos--there are a few 
little gap areas that appear;
(some of the drills may have
been ever so slightly smaller than the rest)
but I know that when framed and viewed 
from a distance they will just
blend in....

I have discovered that, contrary to what I thought when I began this,
I really enjoy the square diamonds as much or maybe more 
than the round ones.  They give a satisfying little "snap" when you nestle 
them together...

When you use the rounds, a tiny part of the 
pre-colored canvas is left to show a bit--but again, once framed and
viewed from afar, this just merges with the drills...

And so I have "kitted up" my next painting; it is much smaller, but
just as lovely....

[Hey Barbara, I hope your kit arrives soon..]💕💓💓

Hugs to all on this steamy Monday--but the S U N is out YAY!!!
Julierose, La Blageuse (Paint with me-euse)


  1. So pretty! But we need a video! I cannot picture how yu set these tiny bits in place. [or how you even see them!?].

  2. i wouldn't even notice the spaces in between. Gorgeous

  3. So lovely! I can imagine that it is very soothing to do - just concentrating on one little piece at a time, and then in the end you have such a beautiful thing.

  4. Your curved fabric pieces are so interesting. Can't wait to see what happes next.
    Meanwhile, isn't this pretty! I've never heard of this technique, so thanks for showing it.

  5. Beautiful finish - the roses glow like crazy!

  6. This picture is beautiful. It is amazing how a craft can calm you down and give you peace. I look forward to seeing the next one.

  7. Beautiful red roses. Your DP hobby always turns out beautiful. Please keep us appraised.


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