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Sunday, June 23, 2019


                                     Three seams sewn --

               I think that straight edge which is now on the bottom will
               be on the left hand side; and the top right needs to be
                          trimmed off diagonally also..

How to end these curves gracefully is a conundrum....?????
     and I need a solid arc shape 
                                      on  the right-- near that 
                                                        little curved section.

So a lot of work and thought still to go....
perhaps some bias strips to outline??? 

My thought, right now, is to get this totally sewn together into one
piece;  and then to applique it onto leftovers of perhaps the peach
or lavender fabrics?  Still pondering...;)))))

Dreaming about this "shell like shape" rolling through
the ocean...........

This afternoon, a little libation is in order 
after all this juggling around...
Hugs, Julierose, La blageuse (still shuffling-euse)


  1. This is so unique! This is definitely you and your creativity at work. Love it!

  2. It made me think of rolling waves, too.

  3. When I used this curving shape I finally marked the edge with string on the design wall. Like you, I had trouble finding the edges.
    Yours is soft and lovely; everyone will want to cuddle it or at least to touch it.

  4. that really is going to be pretty! Got my first kit this morning.

  5. Just catching up Julierose - congratulations are in order for stitching such beautifully curved seams!


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